Abdul Khan, The death of diplomacy and a taste of what Bill C 51 has in store for us all

15 Jun

Several years ago a process was started to demonize and destroy the life of a man who gave everything he could to his clients. This process started with a simple complaint about a retainer yet has become much more then this. Over the last several years Abdul Khan lost his Paralegal licence to practice and had his name dragged through the mud and despite his cooperation has been cast aside with his life and practice ruined. The cause that he outsourced his work to Pakistan, a country that ruffled the feathers of quite a few nice Canadian people. The practice of outsourcing to such country is not new and is carried out by many multinational corporations and law firms, the catch here is that Abdul Khan is a Muslim ( As sated by Anita McCann), and because of this, he had to go to hearing after hearing to prove that because he did not steal or mislead his clients. But Anita McCann believed she is the modern crusader and took upon herself to deal with the investigation without respect and due process.. Anita McCann of the law society called Pakistan a terrorist nation. In this process Abdul Khan was ordered by the law society to get a diplomatic pouch receipt which is a sensitive document proving his innocence that the money was sent through the consulate to where it had to go. This document which falls under diplomatic law between nations to nations is missing AFTER IT WAS GIVEN TO THE LAW SOCIETY AND THOSE IN CONTACT WITH THIS WERE MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED. After taking this to court, in a locked room khan’s case was dismissed despite the fact that the decision that the judge read was written up before Khan could present his case. The issue of the diplomatic pouch brushed aside. Currently he is asked to go and sue the individuals involved despite the fact that the law society protects their members from individual litigation. At this point Khan is accepting that his carrier is in the gutter yet the issue of the diplomatic pouch has still not been resolved, what would happen if the case was reversed and Pakistan lost a Canadian diplomatic pouch? The Steven Harper government, which is aware of what is going on since many letters and appealed were carbon copied to his office, Mr. Harper would surely accuse Pakistan of espionage and other such things. WHERE IS THIS DIPLOMATIC POUCH AND WHY DOES THE LAW SOCIETY of Upper Canada THINK THAT THEY CAN DEGRADE ANOTHER NATION AND THEN BREAK ALL DIPLOMATIC NORMS AND IGNORE THIS ISSUE OF THE POUCH? Jennifer Forde (Paralegal for Law Society), has been brought back to Law Society after she worked two years at Toronto Housing authority to avoid litigation and allow two year limitation to elapse. Abdul Khan will continue to fight on this issue and this issue will not go away. Still one must ask, ” how can he seek justice in a system where all the players are part of the same society” ? What responsibility will this bloody Law Society have for losing a diplomatic document?. With bill C- 51 now becoming law will this become the norm of Canadian law and politics?


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