Not in Public interest to hold lying cops accountable, Crown refuses to lay charges on cop who lied on stand.

18 Jun

Today Greg Thornton went to court to give evidence against Cont. Dietrich who lied on the stand again and again so that her brother officer would not be held accountable for smashing Greg in the face among other things. Instead of holding the hearing where evidence would be presented Thornton was given a letter from the crown who was suppose to be retiring. The Crowns decision was to stay the charges of the officer due to the fact that there is no way that the hearing “would reveal the state of mind or intention regarding her evidence under oath” despite “an inconsistency between what she wrote in her notebook/statement and what she said at trial”.

Furthermore the Crown stated that “If I am wrong about there being no prospect of conviction there is in any event no public interest in continuing the prosecution”.

The bar of proof that the crown holds for perjury is quite high indeed and with the whole scandal of police officers continuing lying on the stand over and over again and courts demanding that crowns hold lying cops accountable it is quite clear that the crown chose to raise such a high bar in regards to perjury of the officer so as to give the cop a way out and not hold them accountable letting the status quo of the commonality of lying cops to continue. After all it is not good enough that a police officer is caught lying again and again now we have to show that their was an intent on the part of the officer to mislead the courts through somehow reading there mind. After all there continuous spewing of contradictory testimony that flys in the face of the truth could be a result of the police officers losing over a long period of time touch with reality and have no idea what is going on.

The real snub however is the part of the statement which clearly states that this is not in the public interest. Who is this public that they are talking about and how is this interest gauged?To me it seems quite clear that the average person on the street would find it in there interest that cops who beat people and lie to get convictions or deceive the court be held accountable and be properly disciplined. It seems to me recourse for victims of police deception and violence is in the public interest as well as measures being put in place to allow members of the public who are victims of state violence to get justice.

What it seems to me is that when the crown is discussing public interest what they are discussion is the interest of the ruling class to maintain the facade of democracy and justice so that they can easier control the public. As one hand washes the other the state is aware that if this illusion cant be maintained then they have problems.


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