Why i disrupted the pan am games torch run in Kitchener

18 Jun

When people think of the pan an games they think of friendship solidarity and such nice things the reality is that there is a dark side to this. While the world sees lights and cameras and such the reality is that community’s are being destroyed and attacked due to the fact that they are seen as undesirable elements. Preparations in Toronto for the games include the intensified gentrification of the downtown east side intensified policing and social cleansing. To top it off this year under the cover of the pan am games a summit is being held by war criminals exploiters and neo liberal flukes to intensify the attacks on the peoples of the world and their right to determine their own destiny.

In Kitchener as a lead up to the torch run their was an intensified police presence in the core and the intensified attacks on the homeless. Earlier today I witnessed several police officers harassing people several times due to the fact that they looked undesirable and as well have confirmed from city workers that posters promoting the upcoming tent city were torn down so as not to bring disrepute to the city. If posters that talk about the”undesireable” are unwanted what does that say about how the poor people themselves will be treated.

So I went today to city hall to take a stand and when the moment arrived I took that stand by jumping on the stage grabbing the mike and denouncing the games and the destruction that they bring with them.I was dragged off the stage and told I may be facing charges. After this it was decided by the police that at this point charges are not laid but if I am seen in certain areas of the city charges will be laid I agreed to this. This is gone on monday. Some people whom have been friends and supporters were hurt by what I have done and I am sorry for hurting their feelings however I feel it is important to take a stand against the gentrification and increased attacks on the poor here as a result of the games and the devastation brought by the congress that will be held under the cover of the games abroad that I am willing to risk my freedom resisting this. I have no problem staying out of those parts of the city till monday and I do keep my word.

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