Message from Anti Colonialist Working Group Read at Belfast 32CSM function last night

20 Jun

Revolutionary greeting to our comrades in the 32CSM it’s leadership and supporters. We of anti colonialist working group applaud the work of the Belfast chapter and wish you success for your fundraiser that you are holding as well as applaud all the work that you do to oppose the british occupation of your country as well as defense of your community. From the cleanup of new lodge to opposing sectarian parades to combating the drug problem the Belfast 32s have always been in the for front of the struggle fighting for an end to the
Occupation of you country and community control.

Here in kkkanada we stand with you in solidarity and struggle and despite the great distance between us our friendship and support is strong as ever. Over the next few months we aim to intensify our support for you and your organization and through raising the issues in rally speeches occupations of the british consulate and economic disruption stand with you in your struggle and oppose those that attack you wherever they may be. We hope your event is a success and once again we wish you success in your endeavour. Anti colonialist working group


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