Report on yesterdays march against Harpers state terror laws

21 Jun

Yesterday people gathered at City Hall to take a stand against the criminal aspects of the so called anti terror law passed by Harper. Known as Bill C 51 this law creates the conditions to intensify the police state by codifying in the law the dirty tricks that the state is currently carrying out against native people, Muslims and activists.

Due to legal reasons i could not attend the start of the demo at city hall, but was told that there were no speeches just a revolutionary spirit of need for action as people took to the streets. When the march got to speakers corner I joined as people were giving speeches and the spirit of the speeches made it quite clear that we could not rely on the state or politicians to do anything to change this but rather we must rely on ourselves, our organizations and our community’s to resist this and fight back. It was clear from the tone of the demonstration and speeches that demonstrators realised that politicians have done away with any pretense of democracy as both the house of commons and the senate have ignored millions of people protesting writing letters emails etc. and that the state no longer cares about pretending that the people have any say and as such the people themselves must organize and reject this failed colonialist state that will rule by decree.

After the speeches at speakers corner the march marched to the farmers market where more speeches were given and crowds of shoppers have gathered to hear the speeches and cheer people on. The march continued for several more blocks and then turned around and marched back to farmers market and speakers corner and then back to city hall. I left the march at speakers corner.

During the march people in the streets where cheering and clapping and supporting. The level of support for resistance to this new law in the community was quite clear during the march. Despite the fact that this law is now passed it is quite clear that people will continue to resist and this demonstration is just the start. Solidarity was given to those who are currently being detained in The North of Ireland under the UK 2000 anti terror act which was the law which this law in harpers klanada is based on. Cases brought up included the Craigavon Two , Dee Fennel, Colin Duffy and others.


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