Message of Solidarity with Tent City from Derry City Councillor and Irish Republican Gary Donnelly

23 Jun

Friends and comrades, I would like to send solidarity greetings from Ireland in support of this very important initiative undertaken by yourselves.Gentrification represents all that is bad for society. Greed, survival of the fittest, bullying and the marginalisation of the weak and most vulnerable.
Wealthy individuals and organisations displace low income families and small business’s. Forced out, changing the social character of the district with absolutely no thought for the long term residents. This usually follows a campaign of neglect and intimidation by those in power. Sound familiar? Just ask the indigenous people, treated with contempt and under protected. Slowly being eradicated by the Harper Government. So too are the minorities, elderly and transient groups who are victims of gentrification. Inner Cities are allowed to decay with neglect. Coupled with police brutality and murders, a spiralling drug problem allowed to get out of control, overdoses and no attempt to deal with the social issues make it easier to sell gentrification as dealing with undesirables and safety. The reality is more to do with greed and the powerful displacing the powerless who are easily exploited by landlords and developers.
I would like to commend the organisers of this event for taking this courageous stand in defence of your community. We have a duty to resist and highlight injustices where ever they occur and hopefully your lead will be the spark which lights the fire against this injustice. Beir bua.


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