30 Jun

In response to a workshop done by a comrade in Toronto on the cuts to welfare and disability as well as the war on the poor carried out by the Liberals, two groups of individuals from tent city decided to put theory into action and do something about it. The first group dressed conservatively infiltrated the Liberal office to keep the door open in case they locked it and the second group joined them thirty seconds later. A banner was unfurled and key areas of the office were occupied. Liberal puppet lackeys stopped what they were doing and attempted to tell us we couldn’t sit behind the desk even though it was quite clear that we were doing just that , as well they were telling us we couldn’t occupy the office despite the fact that that was what was going on.

The issue of the cuts was raised and police were called, and the Liberal puppets were trying to tell us that the constituency office was non partisan. When it was pointed out that the MPP was a Liberal party member, who had to follow liberal party discipline and vote the way in which they were told, they felt that if they repeated the same sentence over and over again somehow it would become magically true.

They kept on stating that we should make an appointment but it was pointed out that this was futile as all that would happened would be the MPP would sit listen (or not) and then vote the way they were told to vote which would legitimize the war on the poor that they were carrying out as they could say we listened or some shit like that ignoring the fact that it would be a waste of everyones time.

A person then started to state that what the liberals were doing with the cuts to ow and disability was basically killing them and spoke about the impact these cuts had on them.

Finally an appointment was agreed on and people left.

As people left it became clear that this was just the start and intensification would continue as the escalation on the war on the poor would create an escalation of resistance.


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