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Queer Power in Venezuela interview with ASGDRE

31 Jul

What is your name and the name of the organization that you represent?

Edwin Rodriguez useche, the sex-gender diverse Revolutionary Alliance, ASGDRe organization

what is the work of your organization?

the work we have done for six years is the defense and recognition of the rights of people with diverse sexualities with a critical stance towards heteronormative patterns and in defense of the Bolivarian revolution and links with other organized expressions, as the peasant struggle the right to decent, student housing among others, which have been promoting the progress of the revolution in Venezuela.

One of my favorite movies is the Cuban movie that is called strawberry and chocolates which talks about homophobia within a revolutionary movement how do you navigate the struggle of being anti imperialist and fighting in mass organizations for the class struggle while at the same time not betraying who you are as a queer activist?

this film marks a beginning in the discussion of sexuality not only in socialist Cuba but in Latin America, and this process essentially run by men and the issue of sexuality was not central to the context lived lass and peers, ie the defense of the sovereignty of the Cuban territory, a fact that is contradictory, since it spoke of a socialism where inclusion was important to highlight and mark the anti-imperialist struggle. We must remember the origin of the patriarchal system that has transpired in the supremacy of the white man, bourgeois, heterosexual, Judeo-Christian. Importantly, this situation is clearly class and dissident sexualities not reproduce the logic of the traditional family and transgresses heteronormativity, sexism and homophobia are practices that kill and do not recognize other ways to show affection between same-sex people, homogenization applied patriarchy society clearly linked to the consumer societies. This situation in the Cuban case is contradictory because it is one of the first countries where genital adjustments took over, but the work of sensitisation in the population and its own militants failed, because it was worth all the effort and progress in this area if discrimination and demonization of dissent sex empire.

Within the north of this hemisphere there is a tendency of the gaygoise, white men of money to attempt to push the idea that we are all the same in the sense of wanting to be part of the establishment and have a rainbow flag on their visa card at the expense of poor queer people trans people non white people non able bodied people etc, and due to their economic influence they tend to dominate the movement and push their agenda on the backs of others. How does your organization make sure that they are really inclusive and not just recreate the same systems of oppression?

society that drives the capitalist and patriarchal system imposes Financial patterns and lifestyles that do not recognize or take into account the poor majority who have no access to living conditions, characterized in pink comfort zones, where as those that do not having access to these spaces face discrimination, hate crimes, ridicule. And this estranged and alienated class plays confused consumer societies that generate profits for companies that are in these communities niche markets to extract its revenue by creating false expectations about acceptance of their homoaffective practices. Simply create needs of consumerism while the bourgeois moral system conditions to society in general to disallow queer adoption, cataloging these relationships as aberrations but if you design advertising campaigns that permeate the imagination of us to desclalate and depoliticize the fight for better working conditions for queers, social, legal, among others, while only an elite with access to capital accumulation benefits displacing real struggle for political, social and economic recognition.

what will the conditions of the queer struggle if there is a right wing victory in Venezuela?

mainly a serious setback in political and social advances for everyone living in Venezuela since the arrival of the revolution in Venezuela, it is important that at that the moment amounts to Commander Chavez government recognizes the breakaway sex community begins to perform the demonstrations of June each year the community and the visibility of the issue in Venezuelan society, concerning the participation of the struggle within some institutions and the popular movement of dissent sex, to this the right is serious harmful because this fulminate class will impose economic violence, destroying the queer community through obscurantism and invisibility, we would not have the opportunity to advance laws such as the gender identity, equal marriage, it would empower the matrix of opinion that queers want to destroy all families and are a social plague and secondly would impose only one type of white queer community for you to reproduce the consumer societies.,

final thoughts

To achieve recognition of dissident sexualities in the world it is important to maintain the constant struggle to establish vigelence and coordination among all the popular movements of the dissident sex in order to strengthen efforts to eradicate homophobia and sexism and all forms of discrimination and articuilar campaigns solidarity against hate crimes, and processes and remove the discourse that we are weirdos and abnormal, it is important to dismantle the neoliberal discourse that there is only one type of dissident sexuality white with money, perfect bodies, but fight to embrace the reality that we are not magazine covers and but a broad range of diverse humans, with feelings and rights that we fight and win. Finally I send greetings of solidarity to the Comrades in occupied Turtle Island and the LGBTQA community we are not alone. In unity there is strength,I hope we meet again to meet the different queer communities in the north and especially the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front.

Feminist and anti-imperialist greeting

Resisting Racism and Fighting For Justice In Brazil

30 Jul

what is your name and the name of your organization

My name is Wellington, I am the general council of uneafro Brazil (union for pre university black and working class youth

what is some background to the history of racism in Brazil

Brazil is a country that was built and is based on their training racism, descendants of enslaved peoples still suffer the effects of the colonization and the process of whitening and hegemony of European power that spanned a period of over 300 years. The poorest people of the country are the result of colonial exploitation to the expansion of capitalism, 127 years was the anniversary the law decree that guaranteed freedom to the slaves, but it is that only 5% of the black population was slave of the time, the rest was organizes riots in the quilombos (land where black campasinos lived), that was brutally attacked by the Brazilian state that was inserted slowly industrialization process. With the end of the transatlantic slave trade to hand the implementation of factory work and the “free labor” decreed by the English empire forced the Brazil free the slaves that was its principal source of economic mode of production, the Brazilian government created measures to ensure that delayed the liberation of the enslaved Africans. In 1822 with the proclamation of the republic, also came a law that prohibited blacks, Indians and sick have access to public education, which results in intellectual domination process that endures to this day.
Explain some ways in which racism manifests itself in Brazil today and how your organization combats this
Brazil is contradictory, as we have the primary and secondary public youth, who only have access to public educational system which produces functional illiterates, Brazilian public universities bear a huge number of people who have never went to public schools and are advocating for the privatization of the university education. The peripheries adapt and create ways to combat this institutionalized racism, uneafro Brazil organizes preparatory courses and training policy so that those who do not have access to one transformative education have class conscience and seek ancestry in blackness in the daily struggle.
Explain the difference, if any, for black people in Brazil since the election of the PT, and what must still be done to advance a society based on equality
No doubt there was during the beginning of the PT government a significant change in the lives of the poor, so black advanced. It is important to exalt the achievements of affirmative action measures and projects of laws that provide for the teaching of history in Africa and culture of the native ethnic groups in public schools. Collectives that makes up the black movement and many other social movement dialogue with the sectors more to the left then the PT government. The PT gorvernment with its various applications of public policies facilitated access to consumption in a national context, but at the same time in local realities governments remained hegemonic neoliberal right-wing, and access to consumer goods but not to quality education more poor continued to be maintained underemployed and marginalized, with the emergence of war policy that exterminates poor. The poor steal from the poor that they believe they are rich because they have purchasing power, we are killing each and the capital and the Brazilian state profits from it, with construction of new detention centers and so many other ways to exploit the need … a fight that dialogue with all the demands that we take control of the capital and end the oppressive relations that divides us, black women that are the basis of operating in Brazil must be empowered, the transgendered, queer, etc. It is essential exalt our differences with equal rights for a more human struggle
Explain the reaction of the right to the space created for the black struggle by the pt government raising the living standards of the poor
The PT government not the real protagonist in the fight for the rights of blacks in Brazil, but its foundations were and are made up mostly of black people. The right in Brazil has always had a high cost on society , as well as create mass poverty. The insertion of the hand of the manufacturing workforce here was made by the owners of the coffee, sugar cane fields … the power has always been in the hands of large landowners and only came to talk to the poorest papulação from the government PT between a process of 27 years after abolition with dictatorships and genocide as a way to contain the riots and social organizations. The rich, conservative parliament and many others representing the right-wing throwback to the capitalist advance of domination promote a discourse of racial democracy in the media and insitutionalization racism for blacks (I speak in a black hegemonic manner by not knowing where comes our ancestry, we were looted and rejected this right) propagate a conservative and racist domination speech, lest we organize and dispute among us who is the whitest and looks more like the European immigrants during the whitening process that raped the black women.
There is so much i still want to discuss and hope we can do so in the future but for now i will ask you for your final comments
I think with the growth of struggles for equality of gender, race and class, have the opportunity to tell and build a story other than the point of view of the elites of the ruling class. We should not sectorial struggles, capital acts simultaneously on different forms of reproduction of life, while we fight for space policy deliberations believing that each party, movement, collective, etc. a proposal is better than the other as they grow with our clutter. We must create a fighting unit that dialogue with all sectors of society and so leave for the construction of socialism in inclusive intersectional fight.

Agrarian Reform Social Justice and community participation, thoughts on the MST

28 Jul

MArxism and Marxist politics in many parts of the world focuses on the idea that social change can come only after a uprising or a revolution, and in some circles the role of the masses is to wait for the vaguard to launch the revolution, sieze power and then start the work of a just society with many organizations claiming that all else is peacemeal or reformist and the sole work should be to build a party agitate launch armed struggle sieze power then start the process od land reforms creating cadre and developing the working class.

In Brazil the history of the MST is quite diffrent, as a Marxist organization based in the landless peasant the contradictions and poverty of everyday life does not allow one to wait for a revolution but rather necessity has created the conditions where the question of land is one that must be tackled now.

Through organizing people in brigades the take the land that is in the hands of those large landifundas and through mass mobalization they answer the question of agrarian reforms through praxis turning communities of the dispossed into communitys of action and resistance.

Through these acts they create the space where a nuclei of a new society is created, the landless peasants become workers, teachers, farmers and a community based on marxist pedagogy is created giving birth to a new society. The social problems faced by the community are solved by the community through committees set up by the people themselves who discuss the contradictions with in community and solve them nopt by burying them but dealing with them in a dialectical manner allowing the contradictions to synthasize a new understanding that benifits all.

Illiteracy is wiped out through education, schools are created daycare centres for children are created and these new areas of land become a common treasury for all.

Despite this posative work created this is not an easy task as encampaments can bring down attacks by the state, arrests and destruction of these communitys, militants of the MST face repression during these actions as encampents are illegal, and the corporations and the right is quick to play contradictions between Indigenous peoples black people given land as reparations for slavery and landless peasants by offering the MST tracts of land that belongs to either of these groups as a way to divide the different communitys and despite the principled stand of the MST to refuse this and build unity with both of these groups as all three of these groups are under attack by the multi nations which siezes all these lands these contradictions are used again and again by the state to divide and conquor.

Dont get me wrong, I am not negating the need for a revolutionary organization, nor the need for state power, as one can see due to the fact that the MST does not have state power and that a revolutionary society has not been created these contradictions mentioned above can and will be used, as well the process that the MST has engaged in can be wiped out,. rather what I am pointing out is the need for revolutionarys to look at this and examine the need for revolutionarys first and formost to create a community and meet the needs of the people. The issues of the stratifcation of Brazilian society, Indigenous Soverignty and class war within an anti imperialist process have not been dealt with due to the fact that these issues deserve more then a few sentences and to say all is good or all is bad is undialectical, rather what I am pointing oput is that one need not wait for the revolution to start solving our problems, in fact without creating trhe community which will give birth to the revolutionary organizations that will change society we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

Fear and Loathing in Pearson airport and Brazil

27 Jul

WE CANNOT PROCCESS YOUR PASSAPORT PLEASE REPORT TO CHECK IN COUNTER…………said the machine at the airport as I was about to check in. Shit i wisper as I look to my friends with me, they are not going to fucken let me leave, dont be so worried julian my friend says, but i knew what the story was i was getting fucked again, I head to the counter with my friends all non chalant cool as a cucumber and hand my flight ticket and passport to the person, he scans the passport and his face changes he grabs the phone runs my passport again and starts muttering, my friend looks at me like dont panic, which i was not doing still cool as a cucumber and i hear words like security, numbers that are recognizeable from my last trip and other such things, my other friend offers to buy me a pepsi and off she goes. The guy at the counter looks at me and says i must have the same name as someone else as there is some serious issues with the passport, inside my head im like MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!! but outside am still cool like a cucumber though my friend who knows me can clearly tell I am not in a good mood and we both know what the craic is.

He asks if i ever have been in trouble with homeland security, me knowing its not good to lie to customs answer in a very juianish way I have never been in trouble with home land security in canada, to which him being a sneaky sneak and hanging on to my every word state what about outside of canada havew you ever been to the states in the last few years, to which honestly i said no, he then asked me have you ever been denied entry to the states to which i replied, listen i have a visa from brazil and i have permission from the brazilian government to come what does the states have to do with any of this. He replied well the plane flys over US soil and then stated he was calling homeland security, he called them and I asked my friend to pass m,e his pone as i had some of my own people that i wanted to call, my friend said to wait and he chatted for a bit, then passed the phone to someone else, and my friend told me to be calm after chgatting for some more hi heard him tell homeland security that i was travelling by myself and he started to remove the ticket to my bag until finally he said ok stuck the ticket back on my bag gacve me my boarding pass and I went to have three smokes with my friends before going through security.

Security was the typical bullshit but I got through eventually and got on the plane, on the plane I chatted with various people and one person working for the plane knew what happenned and said that I was only allowed on because they heard my asking for a phone and thought I would cause a ruckus media etc., in anycase the flight was good and after I landed I had no problems at all entering Brazil.

Leaving the airport to have a smoke and several coffes I was amazed at how beutiful the country was, and while I was smoking I was thinking about what happenned and why it happenned. To me it is quite clear that homeland security and the anglo american imperialist crownys do not want me to travel, not because of any specific thing that I would do but rather about what I would say to people and the fear oif the political views that I ascribe to. This is a punishment and a scare tactic turn people off of politics and to silence the political views that I hold. Last year two members of the 32CSM and one member of the IRPWA attempted to enter canada as guests to let the world know the reality of the occupation of the six counties, they were to meet with diplomats from Cuba Venezuela and South Africa as well as the Steelworkers in Hamilton and others, they were illegally denied entry based on US law thrown in jail and then sent away without due process. Last november coming back from Ireland homeland security detained me and interrogated me for five hours not letting me board my flight, now this. This most recent bullshit from homeland security is punishment to me that I dare speak out in defense of a free 32 county Ireland and by attacking me this is just one more way in which they think that they can silence a political message by criminalizing the messenger, eg. if they continously harrass activists maybe they will stop. I light another ciggerette and think of the definition of terrorism, to use force for political aims, and despite the issues i have with this definition I have to wonder, isnt arresting and deporting speakers from the 32CSM using force for political aims, isnt kicking in the doors of Gary Donnelley and members of the Belfast Cumann the that and finally isnt putting my name on a list and restricting my movewment and mobality the same………the more i think about it the more i was like yeah………….they are the terrorists.

Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front Celebrates Bolivars Birthday

27 Jul

Last Friday The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front celebrated the birth of the revolutionary Simon Bolivar. The event started with an intrduction by the Venezuelan consulate and then a movie was shown about Simon Bolivar. Given that this was also the one year anniversary of the 32CSM delgation being denied entry into canada, I got up and gave a speech denouncing the criminalization of the 32CSM and thanking the Venezuelans for all the support they have shown the comrades from the 32CSM. A flag was pesented of the 32CSM to the Consulate and photios were taken. After this Santiago Escobar gave a speech on the importance of Bolivar to the struggle in Latin America for the liberation movements in the south.The event ended with music singing and food.

Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front condemns attack on 32CSM member and City Councillor Gary Donnelly.

24 Jul

The HCPDF strongly condemns the attack yesterday on Derry City Councillor and 32CSM member Gary Donnelly by the British police force. This attack which lead to him being badly beaten and bruised despite the fact that no arrest was made is a clear example of Britain targetting political activists who are speaking out against the occupation of Ireland.

The fact that he is a City Councillor elected by the people of Derry shows the hypocrisy of Britain who most recently assisted in backing up an attempted coup d’etat in Venezuela to bring so called freedom and democracy, yet have no problem silencing the people of Ireland who have clearly spoken by electing Donnelly. We of the HCPDF wish a speedy recovery to Gary Donnelly and that him and his family have the space to recover from this brutal attack yesterday morning.

On the one year anniversary of the Canadian State illegally Detaining members of the 32CSM We condemn The British States Attack On The 32CSM

24 Jul

One year ago two members of The 32CSM Francis Makey and Peter Fitzsimons and Martin Rafferty of the IRPWA were illegally denied entry into Canada and forced to spend the night in Maplehearst jail like common criminals with no regard for due process or rule of law. The reason for their visit was to meet with trade unions, university students diplomats from Venezuela, Cuba and South Africa and break the silence on the truth of what is happening in Ireland and the violation of Irelands National Sovereignty.

This decision was a clear violation of the people of this territory’s right to information, and the justification of using US law on this soil violates all international norms and protocols. Furthermore it was quite clear that this political decision made by the higher ups was an attempt to silence and punish the members of the 32CSM for holding the political view that the root cause of the conflict in the Occupied Six Counties is the British occupation which violates the Irish peoples right to determine their own destiny in accordance with International Law.

Ironically one year to the day of this horrendous act, The British State illegally and criminally attacked the home of Derry City Councillor and 32CSM member Gary Donnelley and members of the Belfast 32CSM Cumman. These raids are the same sort of foul tricks used by the British State to punish people for being political and holding the correct position that sovereignty is inalienable. As such we condemn the continued persecution of Irish Republicans and punishment raids for people in violation of International Law.

Kitchener Citizens Concerned About Bill C 51
Dealing With Drugs As A Social Issue
Anti Colonial Working Group
KW Canada Cuba Friendship Association
Kitchener Housing Commitee

Housing For All protest marches into PAN AM village demanding an end to social cleansing

17 Jul

Today people joined OCAP to protest the gentrification and destruction of the east end downtown Toronto brought on by the PAN AM games as well as the social cleansing carried out by police in preparation for the games. People gathered in St. James Park, home of the first occupy Toronto and marched to a location to hear speakers and eat pizza. After this protesters resisted attempts of the police to block them from entering the PAN AM village and marched through letting all the gentrifiers and bougies know that they can’t erase the poor from the downtown community. After giving speeches and marching through in defiance, protesters marched to the Police Stations where more speeches were given and then protesters disbanded. This demonstration showed the defiance of the poor in the face of attacks by the rich and let the people know that resistance is fertile!!!!

Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front and Anti Colonialist Working Group Welcome Venezuelan Minister of Youth and Sports

16 Jul

This past Monday the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, Anti Colonialist Working Group and other groups such as the Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel welcomed the Venezuelan Minister of Sports and Youth as well members of the PSUV, Diplomats and some PanAm athletes to this territory.

At this formal reception members of various progressive forces welcomed these guest and presented them with gifts. After this those present discussed what group they were part of and what political work they do. The Anti Colonial Working Group delegate discussed the political work that there group was engaging in terms of combatting the problems of poverty, social cleansing , drugs and creating an alternative here, as well the international work that Anti Colonial Working Group was doing internationally with groups such as the 32CSM in terms of supporting peoples just stand for an end to the occupation of Ireland, the cases of political prisoners like the Craigavon Two and Seamus Daly as well as the need for a united multi prong approach based on principle. Other groups then raised issues that they were working on.

This discussion was then followed by a presentation from the Venezuelan comrades which focused on the issues confronting the Bolivarian project at this point in time, the importance of access to sports for all not just those who are privileged, a revolutionary approach to sports and the need to build solidarity among all progressive forces fighting Anglo American Imperialism.

This was then followed by pictures, and a mixer where people could just relax and chat, and have more relaxed discussion.

The speeches and discussion were very posative and all who attended were glad to have a chance to meet true revolutionaries and exchange opinions.

Anti Colonial Working Group Presentation at Toronto Social Forum A Success

15 Jul

On Saturday Anti Colonial Working Group joined the Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel in presenting to the Toronto Social Forum on The Venezuelan Revolution, Social Movements, and the Role of Social Movements in fighting for the space for revolution. The first presenter, from The Bolivarian Circle discussed the successes of The Bolivarian Revolution and the battle that they are fighting against U$ backed counter revolution. The next presenter from Anti Colonial Working Group discussed social movements and the role they playing in opening up the space for revolution. The presenter first described social movements using local work against poverty in Kitchener and the 32CSM as examples, and a history was given to the material conditions that gave rise to both movements as well as successes and battles that they are fighting such as the Prisoner movement. Next the discussion was directed to the social contradictions between the state and social movements and the antagonist and non antagonist role they play towards the state using examples of a anti imperialist state like Venezuela and a imperialist state such as the divided kingdoms.

Finally the role they play fighting off counter revolution and the need for social movements in the belly of the beast to weaken imperialism from within was discussed.

This was followed by questions and revolutionary discussion about strengthening our organizations.