Reject Political Blackmail Of The Liberal and Waterloo Regional Police

1 Jul

Yesterday at about 7pm I was approached by a police officer who wanted to talk about the disruption of the Liberal office earlier in the day. Given that I was burnt out by tent city and all that has been going on I was not in the mood for a lecture on tactics from those who exist to crush and criminalize our movement and basically I asked the officer to cut through the shit and say what had to be said. The constable issued me with a caution in regards to the that disruption and future disruptions, and this caution was worded in such a way that to me I understood it to mean that this caution did not just apply to actions I would be at physically but rather any disruption that they deem I am involved in.

Several years ago I was being transported from maplehurst to court and one person was quite sick. The other prisoners in vehicle that I was shackled with started banging with there feet demanding that this person receive medical treatment. the special officer stooped the vehicle and instead of giving the person the treatment that they deserved pointed at me and said if anyone else banged on the doors i would receive a street charge. When I pointed out that I did not bang or have anything to do with this I was told it does not matter.

In both cases this tactic is a type of political blackmail where activists for their own safety are put into a position where they are expected to police other activists or the police uses this tactic to threaten the community into submission by threatening to remove a loved one from the community if they chose to stand up for their rights. This political blackmail must be rejected and exposed for what it is another dirty trick of inflicting punishment on the community in an arbitrary manner to silence everyone and as such while I myself will focus om consolidating all the work we have been doing over the summer I will never ask anyone else to capitulate to this blackmail but rather to see it for what it is weakness and desperation of the state.

Why else would the state try to intimidate people to reject a tactic unless it is successful, why else would they target certain activists unless to send a message to other activists that they must be silent or else this will happened to them, why else bring this type of repression down unless they see the seeds of a movement that must be uprooted as soon as possible. The recent support for the political work in Kitchener has broken the isolation of those fighting for basic rights from the masses in Kitchener who have demonstrated passive support as well as economic support for our programs such as tent city and such they seek to neutralize this by taking out what they see as key actors through targeting them by threatening to remove someone they care about from the community unless they are silent. This demonstrates the need to carry on and intensify our work among the community in defense of our rights and neither be forced into using a tactic to be like ohh yeah watch us or rejecting a tactic out of fear so let us reject this false paradighm carry on with our work and remember Maos quote to be hated by the enemy is a good thing not a bad thing. i would also like to thank everyone who has showed me love since this happened and thank them for the moral support which has been very important to me.



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