Though Tent City Is Over The struggle has just begun

2 Jul

Tuesday afternoon Tent City has served its last meal packed up and ended, and although tent city is over, the struggle that gave birth to tent city is still here. As we speak the city is tearing down houses on Courtland, Madison and other places in the east end to make room for yuppie condos and shops that amuse them. Police is still socially cleansing the streets and removing undesirable elements and the war on the poor is intensifying.

As such it is quite clear that the path forward is the path of resistance. Gentrification is not an abstract concept but rather an attack on people right to exist and as such people have the right to resist in any and all ways that they chose.

Tent City has demonstrated that poor people with no support from the state can feed cloth and house the community as well as navigate space with other elements. Given this fact one must ask why is the city which has infrastructure and much deeper pockets then us able to do this?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the city does not do this because they do not want to do this. Gentrification austerity and the war on the poor is not an accident but rather a deliberate attack on peoples right to be, and as such the people must resist this. So although tent city is over the struggle against the war on the poor is just starting

One Response to “Though Tent City Is Over The struggle has just begun”

  1. afairysoul July 5, 2015 at 7:49 pm #

    Jullian it is very sad to see what is happening in Kitchener.I have made many comments in my Google+ community on people begging for money to feed their animals, and not caring about themselves..But to me that’s the integrity of the people we have in this city.I am facing the same problem very soon not having a place to move to when the very wealthy slum landlord sells this place.I already applied for help with moving expenses because I after working since the age of 15 when I got my SIN card which enabled me to start paying my fair share of taxes was told the Government has taken all help away from all people who get money from Canada Pension Plan and Disability”Disability”.Yes, a very sad word for me to use.Like I said I have been working, paying my taxes for 35 plus years now.Then I got sick with a Bone Disease and almost landed in a wheelchair. I was lucky that I did not, but the very sad side of my situation is that I am no longer able to work.I was devastated when I made the inquiry and was told, NO THERE is no help available anymore the government has stripped all help that used to be available.The other side of my devastating situation is when I as a disabled person have to move, there is nothing available that I can afford.Yes long gone are the days working 16-hour shifts, all Holidays to be able to afford a roof over my head, and a very pathetic roof it was as well.Seemed to be at that time an epidemic of run down affordable housing not anymore I did not get a chance to go to tent city this summer, Also the time limit for tent city is what 1 week.What the hell is that going to do for your average homeless soul?You made a comment the city is tearing down houses as fast as they can to make room for the condos that are going up rather quickly.In having a conversation with a very upset bus driver, I asked him is this viable for kitchener.His comment was the city was given the money NOW to do this so they are taking advantage of this now.It “may” be viable in 20 years..But Kitchener had to act quickly, the hell with no places for anyone to live.I say if these condos are not going to be used for years why not rent them to people who qualify for a reasonable rate, thereby keeping them from rotting away from not being used.Also if there is all this money available to kitchener to build all these Condos, why not build for us, poor souls.I am willing to pay rent, I am not looking for anything for free.I just want a decent place to live and after paying the rent have some money left to eat and pay my most necessary bills.Long gone are the luxury of having a TV or Phone.So my friend I wish you much luck on future endeavors.The battle will go on and I am also gearing up to start fighting for my space in this world.I suspect this building I am currently living in (OH YES) with mushrooms growing out the window sills.Will be sold at any time with no notice to me, therefore, leaving me in quite a predicament.I know your health is not so good as well so I admire your tenacity even more.Please contact me at any time if there is anything I can possibly do for you.I know you have asked in the past but came at a bad time with me having my own situations to deal with. I should be more freed up now that the 2 homeless people I took in have found a place to move into also gives me time to focus on more of my own pertinent problems.You know where to reach me for now.All the best, May the force be with you.

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