Anti Colonial Working Group Presentation at Toronto Social Forum A Success

15 Jul

On Saturday Anti Colonial Working Group joined the Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel in presenting to the Toronto Social Forum on The Venezuelan Revolution, Social Movements, and the Role of Social Movements in fighting for the space for revolution. The first presenter, from The Bolivarian Circle discussed the successes of The Bolivarian Revolution and the battle that they are fighting against U$ backed counter revolution. The next presenter from Anti Colonial Working Group discussed social movements and the role they playing in opening up the space for revolution. The presenter first described social movements using local work against poverty in Kitchener and the 32CSM as examples, and a history was given to the material conditions that gave rise to both movements as well as successes and battles that they are fighting such as the Prisoner movement. Next the discussion was directed to the social contradictions between the state and social movements and the antagonist and non antagonist role they play towards the state using examples of a anti imperialist state like Venezuela and a imperialist state such as the divided kingdoms.

Finally the role they play fighting off counter revolution and the need for social movements in the belly of the beast to weaken imperialism from within was discussed.

This was followed by questions and revolutionary discussion about strengthening our organizations.


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