Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front and Anti Colonialist Working Group Welcome Venezuelan Minister of Youth and Sports

16 Jul

This past Monday the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, Anti Colonialist Working Group and other groups such as the Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel welcomed the Venezuelan Minister of Sports and Youth as well members of the PSUV, Diplomats and some PanAm athletes to this territory.

At this formal reception members of various progressive forces welcomed these guest and presented them with gifts. After this those present discussed what group they were part of and what political work they do. The Anti Colonial Working Group delegate discussed the political work that there group was engaging in terms of combatting the problems of poverty, social cleansing , drugs and creating an alternative here, as well the international work that Anti Colonial Working Group was doing internationally with groups such as the 32CSM in terms of supporting peoples just stand for an end to the occupation of Ireland, the cases of political prisoners like the Craigavon Two and Seamus Daly as well as the need for a united multi prong approach based on principle. Other groups then raised issues that they were working on.

This discussion was then followed by a presentation from the Venezuelan comrades which focused on the issues confronting the Bolivarian project at this point in time, the importance of access to sports for all not just those who are privileged, a revolutionary approach to sports and the need to build solidarity among all progressive forces fighting Anglo American Imperialism.

This was then followed by pictures, and a mixer where people could just relax and chat, and have more relaxed discussion.

The speeches and discussion were very posative and all who attended were glad to have a chance to meet true revolutionaries and exchange opinions.


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