Housing For All protest marches into PAN AM village demanding an end to social cleansing

17 Jul

Today people joined OCAP to protest the gentrification and destruction of the east end downtown Toronto brought on by the PAN AM games as well as the social cleansing carried out by police in preparation for the games. People gathered in St. James Park, home of the first occupy Toronto and marched to a location to hear speakers and eat pizza. After this protesters resisted attempts of the police to block them from entering the PAN AM village and marched through letting all the gentrifiers and bougies know that they can’t erase the poor from the downtown community. After giving speeches and marching through in defiance, protesters marched to the Police Stations where more speeches were given and then protesters disbanded. This demonstration showed the defiance of the poor in the face of attacks by the rich and let the people know that resistance is fertile!!!!


One Response to “Housing For All protest marches into PAN AM village demanding an end to social cleansing”

  1. doug July 17, 2015 at 5:46 pm #

    If all you freeloaders would get jobs there would be no need for these stupid time wasting protests because you wouldn’t be poor!!!Your lame protesting won’t solve the problem of being poor, but a job would sure help.

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