Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front condemns attack on 32CSM member and City Councillor Gary Donnelly.

24 Jul

The HCPDF strongly condemns the attack yesterday on Derry City Councillor and 32CSM member Gary Donnelly by the British police force. This attack which lead to him being badly beaten and bruised despite the fact that no arrest was made is a clear example of Britain targetting political activists who are speaking out against the occupation of Ireland.

The fact that he is a City Councillor elected by the people of Derry shows the hypocrisy of Britain who most recently assisted in backing up an attempted coup d’etat in Venezuela to bring so called freedom and democracy, yet have no problem silencing the people of Ireland who have clearly spoken by electing Donnelly. We of the HCPDF wish a speedy recovery to Gary Donnelly and that him and his family have the space to recover from this brutal attack yesterday morning.


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