On the one year anniversary of the Canadian State illegally Detaining members of the 32CSM We condemn The British States Attack On The 32CSM

24 Jul

One year ago two members of The 32CSM Francis Makey and Peter Fitzsimons and Martin Rafferty of the IRPWA were illegally denied entry into Canada and forced to spend the night in Maplehearst jail like common criminals with no regard for due process or rule of law. The reason for their visit was to meet with trade unions, university students diplomats from Venezuela, Cuba and South Africa and break the silence on the truth of what is happening in Ireland and the violation of Irelands National Sovereignty.

This decision was a clear violation of the people of this territory’s right to information, and the justification of using US law on this soil violates all international norms and protocols. Furthermore it was quite clear that this political decision made by the higher ups was an attempt to silence and punish the members of the 32CSM for holding the political view that the root cause of the conflict in the Occupied Six Counties is the British occupation which violates the Irish peoples right to determine their own destiny in accordance with International Law.

Ironically one year to the day of this horrendous act, The British State illegally and criminally attacked the home of Derry City Councillor and 32CSM member Gary Donnelley and members of the Belfast 32CSM Cumman. These raids are the same sort of foul tricks used by the British State to punish people for being political and holding the correct position that sovereignty is inalienable. As such we condemn the continued persecution of Irish Republicans and punishment raids for people in violation of International Law.

Kitchener Citizens Concerned About Bill C 51
Dealing With Drugs As A Social Issue
Anti Colonial Working Group
KW Canada Cuba Friendship Association
Kitchener Housing Commitee

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