Fear and Loathing in Pearson airport and Brazil

27 Jul

WE CANNOT PROCCESS YOUR PASSAPORT PLEASE REPORT TO CHECK IN COUNTER…………said the machine at the airport as I was about to check in. Shit i wisper as I look to my friends with me, they are not going to fucken let me leave, dont be so worried julian my friend says, but i knew what the story was i was getting fucked again, I head to the counter with my friends all non chalant cool as a cucumber and hand my flight ticket and passport to the person, he scans the passport and his face changes he grabs the phone runs my passport again and starts muttering, my friend looks at me like dont panic, which i was not doing still cool as a cucumber and i hear words like security, numbers that are recognizeable from my last trip and other such things, my other friend offers to buy me a pepsi and off she goes. The guy at the counter looks at me and says i must have the same name as someone else as there is some serious issues with the passport, inside my head im like MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!! but outside am still cool like a cucumber though my friend who knows me can clearly tell I am not in a good mood and we both know what the craic is.

He asks if i ever have been in trouble with homeland security, me knowing its not good to lie to customs answer in a very juianish way I have never been in trouble with home land security in canada, to which him being a sneaky sneak and hanging on to my every word state what about outside of canada havew you ever been to the states in the last few years, to which honestly i said no, he then asked me have you ever been denied entry to the states to which i replied, listen i have a visa from brazil and i have permission from the brazilian government to come what does the states have to do with any of this. He replied well the plane flys over US soil and then stated he was calling homeland security, he called them and I asked my friend to pass m,e his pone as i had some of my own people that i wanted to call, my friend said to wait and he chatted for a bit, then passed the phone to someone else, and my friend told me to be calm after chgatting for some more hi heard him tell homeland security that i was travelling by myself and he started to remove the ticket to my bag until finally he said ok stuck the ticket back on my bag gacve me my boarding pass and I went to have three smokes with my friends before going through security.

Security was the typical bullshit but I got through eventually and got on the plane, on the plane I chatted with various people and one person working for the plane knew what happenned and said that I was only allowed on because they heard my asking for a phone and thought I would cause a ruckus media etc., in anycase the flight was good and after I landed I had no problems at all entering Brazil.

Leaving the airport to have a smoke and several coffes I was amazed at how beutiful the country was, and while I was smoking I was thinking about what happenned and why it happenned. To me it is quite clear that homeland security and the anglo american imperialist crownys do not want me to travel, not because of any specific thing that I would do but rather about what I would say to people and the fear oif the political views that I ascribe to. This is a punishment and a scare tactic turn people off of politics and to silence the political views that I hold. Last year two members of the 32CSM and one member of the IRPWA attempted to enter canada as guests to let the world know the reality of the occupation of the six counties, they were to meet with diplomats from Cuba Venezuela and South Africa as well as the Steelworkers in Hamilton and others, they were illegally denied entry based on US law thrown in jail and then sent away without due process. Last november coming back from Ireland homeland security detained me and interrogated me for five hours not letting me board my flight, now this. This most recent bullshit from homeland security is punishment to me that I dare speak out in defense of a free 32 county Ireland and by attacking me this is just one more way in which they think that they can silence a political message by criminalizing the messenger, eg. if they continously harrass activists maybe they will stop. I light another ciggerette and think of the definition of terrorism, to use force for political aims, and despite the issues i have with this definition I have to wonder, isnt arresting and deporting speakers from the 32CSM using force for political aims, isnt kicking in the doors of Gary Donnelley and members of the Belfast Cumann the that and finally isnt putting my name on a list and restricting my movewment and mobality the same………the more i think about it the more i was like yeah………….they are the terrorists.


One Response to “Fear and Loathing in Pearson airport and Brazil”

  1. rebelbreeze July 28, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

    An-mhaith! Very good!

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