Agrarian Reform Social Justice and community participation, thoughts on the MST

28 Jul

MArxism and Marxist politics in many parts of the world focuses on the idea that social change can come only after a uprising or a revolution, and in some circles the role of the masses is to wait for the vaguard to launch the revolution, sieze power and then start the work of a just society with many organizations claiming that all else is peacemeal or reformist and the sole work should be to build a party agitate launch armed struggle sieze power then start the process od land reforms creating cadre and developing the working class.

In Brazil the history of the MST is quite diffrent, as a Marxist organization based in the landless peasant the contradictions and poverty of everyday life does not allow one to wait for a revolution but rather necessity has created the conditions where the question of land is one that must be tackled now.

Through organizing people in brigades the take the land that is in the hands of those large landifundas and through mass mobalization they answer the question of agrarian reforms through praxis turning communities of the dispossed into communitys of action and resistance.

Through these acts they create the space where a nuclei of a new society is created, the landless peasants become workers, teachers, farmers and a community based on marxist pedagogy is created giving birth to a new society. The social problems faced by the community are solved by the community through committees set up by the people themselves who discuss the contradictions with in community and solve them nopt by burying them but dealing with them in a dialectical manner allowing the contradictions to synthasize a new understanding that benifits all.

Illiteracy is wiped out through education, schools are created daycare centres for children are created and these new areas of land become a common treasury for all.

Despite this posative work created this is not an easy task as encampaments can bring down attacks by the state, arrests and destruction of these communitys, militants of the MST face repression during these actions as encampents are illegal, and the corporations and the right is quick to play contradictions between Indigenous peoples black people given land as reparations for slavery and landless peasants by offering the MST tracts of land that belongs to either of these groups as a way to divide the different communitys and despite the principled stand of the MST to refuse this and build unity with both of these groups as all three of these groups are under attack by the multi nations which siezes all these lands these contradictions are used again and again by the state to divide and conquor.

Dont get me wrong, I am not negating the need for a revolutionary organization, nor the need for state power, as one can see due to the fact that the MST does not have state power and that a revolutionary society has not been created these contradictions mentioned above can and will be used, as well the process that the MST has engaged in can be wiped out,. rather what I am pointing out is the need for revolutionarys to look at this and examine the need for revolutionarys first and formost to create a community and meet the needs of the people. The issues of the stratifcation of Brazilian society, Indigenous Soverignty and class war within an anti imperialist process have not been dealt with due to the fact that these issues deserve more then a few sentences and to say all is good or all is bad is undialectical, rather what I am pointing oput is that one need not wait for the revolution to start solving our problems, in fact without creating trhe community which will give birth to the revolutionary organizations that will change society we are shooting ourselves in the foot.


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