Queer Power in Venezuela interview with ASGDRE

31 Jul

What is your name and the name of the organization that you represent?

Edwin Rodriguez useche, the sex-gender diverse Revolutionary Alliance, ASGDRe organization

what is the work of your organization?

the work we have done for six years is the defense and recognition of the rights of people with diverse sexualities with a critical stance towards heteronormative patterns and in defense of the Bolivarian revolution and links with other organized expressions, as the peasant struggle the right to decent, student housing among others, which have been promoting the progress of the revolution in Venezuela.

One of my favorite movies is the Cuban movie that is called strawberry and chocolates which talks about homophobia within a revolutionary movement how do you navigate the struggle of being anti imperialist and fighting in mass organizations for the class struggle while at the same time not betraying who you are as a queer activist?

this film marks a beginning in the discussion of sexuality not only in socialist Cuba but in Latin America, and this process essentially run by men and the issue of sexuality was not central to the context lived lass and peers, ie the defense of the sovereignty of the Cuban territory, a fact that is contradictory, since it spoke of a socialism where inclusion was important to highlight and mark the anti-imperialist struggle. We must remember the origin of the patriarchal system that has transpired in the supremacy of the white man, bourgeois, heterosexual, Judeo-Christian. Importantly, this situation is clearly class and dissident sexualities not reproduce the logic of the traditional family and transgresses heteronormativity, sexism and homophobia are practices that kill and do not recognize other ways to show affection between same-sex people, homogenization applied patriarchy society clearly linked to the consumer societies. This situation in the Cuban case is contradictory because it is one of the first countries where genital adjustments took over, but the work of sensitisation in the population and its own militants failed, because it was worth all the effort and progress in this area if discrimination and demonization of dissent sex empire.

Within the north of this hemisphere there is a tendency of the gaygoise, white men of money to attempt to push the idea that we are all the same in the sense of wanting to be part of the establishment and have a rainbow flag on their visa card at the expense of poor queer people trans people non white people non able bodied people etc, and due to their economic influence they tend to dominate the movement and push their agenda on the backs of others. How does your organization make sure that they are really inclusive and not just recreate the same systems of oppression?

society that drives the capitalist and patriarchal system imposes Financial patterns and lifestyles that do not recognize or take into account the poor majority who have no access to living conditions, characterized in pink comfort zones, where as those that do not having access to these spaces face discrimination, hate crimes, ridicule. And this estranged and alienated class plays confused consumer societies that generate profits for companies that are in these communities niche markets to extract its revenue by creating false expectations about acceptance of their homoaffective practices. Simply create needs of consumerism while the bourgeois moral system conditions to society in general to disallow queer adoption, cataloging these relationships as aberrations but if you design advertising campaigns that permeate the imagination of us to desclalate and depoliticize the fight for better working conditions for queers, social, legal, among others, while only an elite with access to capital accumulation benefits displacing real struggle for political, social and economic recognition.

what will the conditions of the queer struggle if there is a right wing victory in Venezuela?

mainly a serious setback in political and social advances for everyone living in Venezuela since the arrival of the revolution in Venezuela, it is important that at that the moment amounts to Commander Chavez government recognizes the breakaway sex community begins to perform the demonstrations of June each year the community and the visibility of the issue in Venezuelan society, concerning the participation of the struggle within some institutions and the popular movement of dissent sex, to this the right is serious harmful because this fulminate class will impose economic violence, destroying the queer community through obscurantism and invisibility, we would not have the opportunity to advance laws such as the gender identity, equal marriage, it would empower the matrix of opinion that queers want to destroy all families and are a social plague and secondly would impose only one type of white queer community for you to reproduce the consumer societies.,

final thoughts

To achieve recognition of dissident sexualities in the world it is important to maintain the constant struggle to establish vigelence and coordination among all the popular movements of the dissident sex in order to strengthen efforts to eradicate homophobia and sexism and all forms of discrimination and articuilar campaigns solidarity against hate crimes, and processes and remove the discourse that we are weirdos and abnormal, it is important to dismantle the neoliberal discourse that there is only one type of dissident sexuality white with money, perfect bodies, but fight to embrace the reality that we are not magazine covers and but a broad range of diverse humans, with feelings and rights that we fight and win. Finally I send greetings of solidarity to the Comrades in occupied Turtle Island and the LGBTQA community we are not alone. In unity there is strength,I hope we meet again to meet the different queer communities in the north and especially the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front.

Feminist and anti-imperialist greeting

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