What good is a lawyers number if you cant have access to a phone? Thoughts on my recent detention and search coming back from Brazil.

4 Aug

As im on my way to the airport I am sad that I am leaving a country I have grown to love and think all is set. I have a legal contact in Brazil from the MST and have mechanisms set in place back here. As I go to the electronic check out my passport as usual is flagged so I go to the place where they do it manually eg they run your passport and all that shit.

They run my passport and of course it is flagged and I ask to use the phone to call the legal number, of course with my luck I am refused. He pulls out this book with codes and shit and I can see it from where im standing, its in Portuguese Spanish and English but I dont need to look at it to figure out which code is called (but I did anyways). He gets on the phone to so called canada and calls someone over. They start talking in English and he says I can use the phone to call a legal number when he is done. I ask him who he is on the phone with and he answers security in so called canada, he is frustrated and speaking in English and tells them he keeps asking to make a phone call, I am asked if I am travelling by myself and I answer yes. More and more discussion about what to do with me and exasperated he asks well what do you want me to do with him? He finally prints out my ticketr and he says but it says ssss under remarks, this is interesting cause I always get that on my ticket and we use to joke that it means search search search search, which is actually not far from the truth it means I am high risk. He hands me my ticket and says I cant use the phone but there is one at information and as well I am told that this info will be passed to Brazilian customs. He also says I must get through in ten minutes or it closes I go to information and they say there is a public phone downstairs down two corridors and to the right. Knowing I cant make it there and get to the customs before it closes I use the art I perfected in Brazil of smoking a cigarette in a minute and a half and Im like to myself ok lets get er done people will figure out something is wrong.

I go through customs and go through the search, they take my lighter as per the rules and go and hand in my passport that paper that they give you and my boarding pass. The woman runs my passport looks at me and starts leafing through my pages she sees the page marked by homeland security which says I am denied entry to the US, sees my Venezuelan flag on my hat (I was told not to worry about wearing it) and smiles and says have a good flight. Damn I was lucky, the one thing about Brazilians I learned is that they dont like being told what to do by yankee gringo officials and luckily my customs person wasnt a rightist cause if she was I would have been fucked. She says have a good flight and I go. Now to find a phone and get my MST legal contact to let the peeps know whats up and to expect difficulty when I get to the Klandian border. I go and ask anyone and everyone where there is a public phone, apparently there is not public phone and all the internet is wifi. Finally I find this really sympathetic guy and we try to sort out what the legal number is apparently the new cell phone have an extra 9 and 55 is country code and maybe you dial 0909 so we try to sort it out, we get the wrong number and a old lady answers, not my contact, i go and change my money 47 livres ends up being 10 dollars and a can of pepsi I go to board and I realize I was missing a six and that why the number didnt work I look for this guy but cant find him.

I run into a very handsome and smart internationalist who is aware of the situation and he promises to call my lawyer, he gives me his number and I board if he doesnt here from em from a certain time he will call my lawyer. I sleep eats some food and watch tv until I land at this point Im pretty annoyed. I go to the customs and he is like do you know why you have to come here and after he does his red marker scribbles which I know mean hold this guy or something to that effect, Im like listen lets just ger done we both know what the score is, He hands me my paper with the red scribblle and I go to get my luggage. Since this internationalist is smart and such we we joke around and I say really funny things as does he it is either ot 6 oclock as we are not sure and our luggage is taking forever. As I was told it was ok to say I was at a conference the guy state I should say it is about the financing of the market and I start laughing and we joke around.

I go with my luggage and hand my papers to the guy who tells me to step aside, ahhh shit I think let the wild rumpus start. I am told to present myself to one of those custom guys and he starts grilling me and I say I wont say anything unless I can talk to a lawyer, to which he says that as a customs guard I have to answer all his questions truthfully and he can search me and my luggage and if I do not comply I will be arrested. I continue to ask for a lawyer and we are at a stand still his phone rings, homeland security, we both take a pause and regroup.

I evaluate think of the possible questions, reach into my strap bag or whatever its called and remembering how easy it is to get a number wrong by missing one idget I think well what happends iof it misses the first three? I slowing rip it up and put the first three digits roled into a ball in my mouth and swallow it pretending its one of my pain meds. I then blow my nose in the rest of the digets.

The custums guy comes back and tells me the exact place in the law where this is law, I prepared for this. People that know me hate me for vague one word answers shrugs etc and I remember storys from other people so it begins, why did you go to Brazil? To hang out I answer? Who bought your ticket? Friends I say? Hoiw do you know them? From the internet. Why did someone on the internet buy you a ticket I shrug. Good I think this is pretty much verbetum what someone else said in an interrogation when they visited me. Where did you stay he asked? With friends I answered? what are the names of these friends he asked, particularly the one who bought the ticket, I dont remember I said, which is true I dont remember who bought me the ticket. What did you do in Brazil he asked, I said hung out whith cows and went to a conference, what was the conference about he asked, I rember the comment my friend made before and I answered economics, which is true socialism is about economics, he bigings to search me and when he is done he searches my bag, he goes to talk to someone again probably homeland security and he comes back and it is quite clear he is looking for numbers or contacts or something but I had none and I spent the day befor e I left shredding anything other then the typical official propaghanda , all the notes I took etc., he looks through my note books all three of them and finds no number, he then asks if I want to call I lawyer I can do it from my cell, clearly trying to get numbers contacts anything I say I dont have a cell or a tablet, which irritates him, He looks through my camera and all there is is pictures of cows which I will upload soon and some from the conference of me speaking, he looks through all my stuff and then re packs it and then decides to look one last time for contacts he x rays my empty suitcase and asks me questions of my health that I say are none of his business, he then asks why was I on stand by in Brazil and what happened at the airpot and I shrugged finally he let me go and asked if I have seen the motorcycle diarys to which i gave him a look anbd he said he is a political and understands I have a right to my piolitcs and kinda apologizes I go out get a coffee call my friends and sit on my suitcase having a smoke, someone who saw parts of what happenned gave me a pack and i smoke four in a row. As I smoke and think I am really like thinking two thing ONE I am lucky as hell that I didnt get a right wing Brazilian border guard and two that I am political and this is soley for my thoughts. Like seriously Im not arming anyone and I am not an underground activist, why am i flagged? Do I not have the right to think that Ireland should be free? Do I knot have the right to think that poverty rascism homphobia and all products of this sick system should be fought? Do I not have the right to believe that Latin America, Native people and other oppressed nations have the right to self determination. As I puff my last drag I am happy to be finally free and think that the repression will continue to grown unless we challenge it openly and honestlly we have a right to be political and a right is useless unless you use and and fight to have it. Im pretty exhuasted and broke so will write everything else about the conference Brazil etc. tommorrow.


One Response to “What good is a lawyers number if you cant have access to a phone? Thoughts on my recent detention and search coming back from Brazil.”

  1. waterlooregionadvocate August 14, 2015 at 9:52 pm #

    Safe to say that no you don’t have the right to think what you want. Unless of course you’re prepared to put up with the harassment & BS of those with authority who disgaree with your thinking . Right out of 1984 and Big Brother. Yes it’s already here.

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