Meeting of the peoples of the world in Brazil

8 Aug

On July 28th a conference hosted by the MST on the problems facing humanity took place in Brazil near Sao Paulo. Representatives from nations across this hemisphere representing different walks of life cam together to discuss the work they are doing political social and economic problems that they were facing and set the frame work to have everyone come together and discuss solutions. Issues addressed ranged from occupation and the problems that it brings to the current problems of resisting patriarchy in our community’s.

Nations and groups from the 32CSM in Ireland to NUMSA in South Africa either sent representatives or statements creating a broad spectrum of issues raised. From the discussion it became quite clear that the old ideas of organizing politically were not enough and that if capitalism colonialism racism environmental destruction and patriarchy were not challenged in new ways the idea of a future for the people is quite bleak.

Particular emphasis was place on the struggles of Indigenous peoples of the world from Palestine to Turtle Island as a primary focus of attack and resistance, as well as the plight of black people who are murdered in the streets brutalized and criminalized because of a white supremacist system that aims to decimate and eradicate physically culturally and economically through every and all means.

As a representative of Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front I brought up the issues that we work on from resisting Chevrons attacks on Indigenous peoples here and abroad to the rapid defense of the Bolivarian revolution from klandian and U$ attacks. I must particularly mention and thank the kindness of everyone in this group whose sacrifices made it possible for me to attend and the kindness that they showed to make sure I had all I need to travel and participate, with out them this would not have been possible. Over the next few days I plan to write about my experience and what I learned from Brazil as well as tell interesting and somewhat funny story’s of what happened over there.

One person jokingly called this conference the creation of a fifth international and its spirit was defiantly one of not only is another world possible, but necessary.


2 Responses to “Meeting of the peoples of the world in Brazil”

  1. Doug August 14, 2015 at 2:37 am #

    Next time you leave the country I hope they take your passport and don’t allow you back into Canada.Go live in Cuba you commie!!

  2. waterlooregionadvocate August 14, 2015 at 9:42 pm #

    And yet you keep on reading Julian’s writings Doug. Are you secretly in love?

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