Fight the right, destabilization of ALBA nations by the west!!!

12 Aug

One of the things that I learned when I was in Brazil is the hypocrisy of the west, particularly the so called left which on the one hand hate Cuba for so called human rights abuses yet on the other hand condemns the PT and other progressive governments for not imposing what they call full socialism (which actually only exists in their books) ignoring the fact that the right, with its western ngos corporations military forces and capital will block any progressive measure and if the progressive forces do anything to defend themselves from this political economic and paramilitary onslaught the western left will cry big crocodile tears about human rights and such bullshit while staying silent about crimes of the right.

A perfect example is Ecuador where the so called progressive left is silent on the crimes of Chevron yet will condemn Correa for industrialization, or where the left is silent about the struggle of most Indigenous people against the corporations and machinations of the United Snakes of America yet will support a small handpicked group of US corporate Indigenous voices in the pay of the US corporations who openly carry the flags of the bankers and say that it is the voice of all indigenous peoples of Ecuador and support them because socialism scares them and they are afraid of hearing the truth so they will only listen to the voice that they want to hear and lets them sleep better at night.

The west is at war with the peoples of the ALBA nations and people are dieing because of this. Those who truly believe in self determination have to pick sides, not based on what makes us feel better but rather on principle. This is not an issue of simply listening to salsa music and saying how beautiful the countryside is but rather throwing down. Its not just about attacking mining companies or oil companies thats cool to do but actually challenging the military industrial complex. These forces are not phantoms but rather have names and addresses and most of them are in toronto!!!!!

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