From Belfast to Palestine Free All POWS!!!!!

13 Aug

This sunday a variety of groups including Toronto forum on Cuba, Sunday Poetry at Ellingtons, Anti Colonial Working Group and others held a meeting discussing the need to support political prisoners. The event covered a variety of political prisoners from the case of the Craigavon Two to local women describing brutal torture under Pinochet, to the case of Stephen Kaczynski held in a turkish jail without charge.

The discussion made it quite clear that the anglo american imperialist alliance is at war with the peoples of the world and such those who resist the system will likely at one point in time find themselves in jail and will probably at one point in time have loved ones ripped from their community imprisoned brutalized and beaten leaving a empty space in the community.

As such prison is just another part of the struggle and our comrades inside must still be part of our community and the struggle that they are engaging for political status human rights and to be treated as humans must be supported. In fact if anything this meeting made it quite clear that it is not enough to simply spout platitudes but we must engage with those that the imperialists kidnap and break their isolation wherever possible and not let our comrades suffer in silence.

Though the meeting had a quite serious and sober tone as people described gendered torture, rape and other crimes that speakers felt at the hands of the dictatorship of Pinochet and other, it was quite clear that there is a need for us to refuse to be silent and stand with prisoners till they all come home to say!!!


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