The Second Independence of Ecuador, Thoughts on Mondays celebration of Independence

14 Aug

The Monday that just passed I attended a commemoration put together by the Ecuadorian community living here to commemorate the independence of Ecuador over two centuries ago. Quite early in the event a certain spirit haunted the event, it was the spirit of people risen carrying out what was started 200 years ago a peoples revolution pushing for true independence against the more recent colonizers the United Snakes of America.

Despite all the bullshit that one reads about the current situation in Ecuador it is quite clear that the peoples of Ecuador under the presidency of Correa have been given the necessary space to finish what was started and organize themselves according to their political and sociological interests. Indigenous peoples Queer peoples workers and all segments of society coming together and saying not only is a broad inclusive society where the needs of the peoples are put first possible but it is necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This process of national liberation clearly was visible at this event as almost everyone was affected by the events and recent developments in Ecuador on one side the progressive government of Correa resisting US occupation creating the space for people to organize themselves and defend their interests on the other side the United Snakes the corporations and those traitors who for centuries have benefited from the blood and toil of the people of Ecuador refusing to give up their privilege.

Despite the economic attacks for the lackeys the spirit of the room reflected the spirit in the streets one of resistance defiance and victory. The celebration was not just an event for something that took place over 200 years ago but rather a celebration what is happening now Ecuador’s Second Independence creating the space where the people and social movements can now create a Ecuador by the peoples for the peoples where the gringos have no say.

This celebration reflects what is going on right now, a new spirit has swept across Latin America, the spirit of Independence agrarian reform justice and independence and despite all the rights attempts they will fail for the peoples in motion can never be defeated, slowed down, temporarily blocked, but never defeated. The people have risen and despite all the attempts of reaction this second Independence cant be crushed with tanks and guns for it is more then something materialistic it is a spirit the spirit that the US have tried again and again to crush and one thing that the imperialists should know by know is you can kill people but you cant kill a idea or spirit!!!!


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