Meeting on Human Rights in Ireland a success!!!

27 Aug

Yesterday at the Queen Street Commons there was a discussion on the present situation in the North of Ireland. The meeting started with an amazing speech by the National Secretary Peter Fitzsimons of the 32CSM which was followed by general discussion and the announcing of a raffle. The prize for the raffle will be a glasswork craft anyone interested in buying raffle tickets please email

It was quite clear from the discussion that the GFA has not provided a way forward to end the conflict that is still going on due to the fact that the GFA entrenches the cause of the conflict which is the British occupation, furthermore the only solution to the conflict is to get rid of the source of the conflict which is the British occupation of the Occupied Six Counties.

Discussion also focused on the criminalization of Irish Republicans by the PSNI/RUC as well as the media which prints whatever it feels like printing with no care of facts of journalistic integrity as long as it can slander and drag the name of real Irish Republicans in the mud. Special attention was paid to the treatment of revolutionary socialist Alan Ryan by the media that cares more about sensationalizing his murder then investigating the role of state collusion in his death and how when reporting on his death and life facts are ignored with the purpose of discrediting his work. Despite that his funeral was attended by all stratus of the community as well as memorials which are held on the anniversary of his assassination.

Finally the issue of what a Republican is was discussed and in this discussion it became quite clear that the principles of Republicanism have been betrayed by those now administering british injustice as the principles of Republicanism rests on Sovereignty not collaboration. All in all the meeting was a success and we ask all people to buy raffle tickets.


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