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Maybe the low turnout at the Chamber of Commerce debate is a result of the fact that people are sick of the platitudes of the so called major partys

30 Sep


So today I went to the some candidate debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce only to find out that I as a registered candidate would be excluded from this debate as I was not representing one of the so called major parties. Usually in a case like this I would take a political stand and fight for my right to be included, but looking at the low turn out, and the fact that almost everyone in crowd is white rich and over sixty I decided that it would be a waste of my time. As I was leaving I found out that one of the people who was helping me was threatened with being physically removed for handing out Marxist Leninist literature despite the fact that this is against the Elections act. This was followed by us being followed by police.

The fact that the elections act was broken on city hall property makes city hall responsible and if I want I could probably sue then or charge them or something, but the sad fact is that politically this is a waste of my time as clearly the people are not at this debate. As a Marxist Leninist however its not enough to gloat and such but one must have analysis and the first question one must ask is why are people not at the debate? Is it because people don’t care about politics? The reality is people across the country have taken to the streets to protest austerity, police murder and brutality bullshit anti terror laws and the increased criminalization of dissent, many times at great risk to their freedom and personal safety, so it is quit5e clear that this is not the answer. The second question is was the debate publicized and was it located in a key area? The answer to both of this is yes, it was quite publicized and city hall is in the core of the downtown and easily accessible close to bus routes etc. The question that one must ask is if the people are political and have access to the debate why are they not there? The only conclusion one can come to is that people feel that attending the debates will not in anyway further there political interests. In other words, they have heard all the shit from the so called major parties and feel that they have better things to do then listen to the same bullshit again and again, they have voted for all the major parties and have been left in the dirt. From Bob Rae as NDP premier in Ontario who was the first to implement austerity, to Paul Martins sponsorship scandal to Harpers dictatorship of the rich all the parties have turned against the people and have done whatever served their corporate masters. The system is broken and everyone knows this, which is why all the bourgeois are excluding the small parties and independents so as to make people accept the fact that things are broken will stay broken and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

So it is quite clear that the problem is not with the people but rather with the system, which in is crisis of legitimacy has cracked down on any alternative voice that may dissent with the idea pushed by them that we must accept the fact that our only voice in the political process is to hold our noses and vote for who will screw us the least. With the crisis deepening this is unacceptable and must be fought the only way it can be fought, organizing our community’s and resisting.

Who Does David Foulds serve the public or the police?

30 Sep

On Monday I was in court to help out some of the youth of tent city when I heard that Davin was laying charges against Moyle. As I have a history with Moyle that consists of me being assaulted arrested and harassed by the guy I wanted to attend the hearing. To my dismay the hearing was held in private on the request of the crown, David Foulds. As the charges laid against Moyle included perjury, I was very interested as courts have instructed crowns to lay charges against lying cops since it has become quite an issue bringing the courts in disrepute.

Foulds as a crown should be serving the people of this country and his only interest should be the public god, yet he had no problem stating according to the record news paper the public is not welcome. Whose interest is it that this process is held in private to me it seems to benefit the police not the public. Furthermore several months ago when Thornton tried to lay charges against lying cops he refused to proceed on the basis that it does not serve the public interest, one can read up on it here

It seems to me that Foulds must make a decision does he serve the public or the police? Because at this point in time he is clearly not serving the public interest. Or maybe the fact that he is retiring makes it easy for the Crowns office to give him all the cases in which they chose to collude with police against the public interest. If that is the case then he should remember just because he is retired doesn’t mean that he is above accountability.

Voter Suppression Kitchener South- Hespeler

29 Sep

By Yanna Green
Well, it’s election time again, and with it comes the insane amount of bullshit we all expect. What I did not expect was a change in the polling station in my area and the misinformation given to me by the returning officers office.

It all started Friday (September 25) when I came home to find my voter card had arrived. The first thing I noticed was my name was misspelled. Then I noticed that my polling station had changed from it’s normal location, Silver Heights P.S., to the Christian Heritage Center. This shocked me seeing as the old station was within walking distance for most (5-10min depending on the street) and had now been moved to a spot where it was a 40 minute walk or more.

I called Elections Canada to fix the misspelling of my name. I also asked why the polling station had been moved so far. They fixed my name no problem, but told me I would have to speak to Grace Loney, the returning officer for my area.

Elections Canada gave me a local number to call and speak with her. I called the number, and spoke with a woman that did not know where the polling station was. She told me there were plenty of polling stations in Cambridge and she would have to look up the information and call me back.

About five minutes later I received the phone call. Now the tone of the conversation changed completely. I noticed right away how curt and upset the woman now sounded. She told me repeatedly that the polling station had changed because “the location wasn’t conducive” when asked why it was moved. So, I changed the question “specifically why wasn’t the location conducive?” she replied with “uh, well parking”. I then stated that there was a new school two minutes down the street with plenty of parking. She asked what school and I said it was St. Gabriel. She then told me that polling stations weren’t allowed to be at Catholic schools.

The conversation continued around in circles. The woman said she can’t keep arguing with me about this and it wasn’t her decision. I told her I wasn’t arguing, I am just trying to get answers. I asked if it wasn’t her decision who made the decision and that I needed to speak with them. At that point she just kept telling me it was someone in Ottawa who made the decisions on placing polling locations. She refused to give me a name or contact information (likely because that statement was entirely false) and eventually said she would leave a message for the person in Ottawa who picks the location. I gave her my contact information, she said she would “pass it along” and ended the conversation with “I’m sure you will”.

All of this puzzled me since I was given the number for my area’s returning officer and staff from Elections Canada had told me on a few occasions now that the polling location is decided by the returning officer. It puzzled me more when I looked it up and found that polling locations can be held in Catholic schools.

I called the office again on Monday. I was given completely different answers to the same questions. This time they were slightly more helpful but much of what was said still sounded like bogus excuses. I am wondering why people who are suppose to be helping people vote are giving out false information. I am wondering why my polling station is so far and why I am hearing of this in various ridings. I am also curious as to where the new polling locations in Hespeler are and the way people vote. According to 2008 election data I have gone through, the locations are in slightly more conservative friendly areas.

The Working Center has tried to get a polling location at the soup kitchen in the Kitchener downtown core and were simply told no. It appears I am not the only one taking issue with the polling station locations, We need polling locations that make voting easy. Our democracy is at stake.

We are the ones who will never be broken!!!!Tent City Alive and Well!!!

28 Sep

Yesterday police and defenders of the propertied class of gentrifiers evicted us twice from two different sites, as well as harassed and belittled us. It is quite clear that the strategy of the state at this point is to attack attack attack not giving us a moment to regroup discuss and move forward. They feel that by doing this we will be be demoralized pack up and go home, unfortunately for them the homeless have no home and even if demoralization did kick in an people felt giving up giving up is not an option because peoples basic existence relies first and formost on a place to stay and it is quite clear that organized we are stronger, so any attempt of the state to attack and criminalize tent city will fail as poverty and homelessness is a result of the economic policy’s of the state, so as long as there is capitalism their will be poverty and given the human drive to survive and have a dignified existence as long as there is poverty there will be resistance.

In Kitchener the material conditions that people face at the moment make resistance not just a political choice but a necessity as death is no stranger to the people marginalized by the economic policy’s of the state and resistance is a necessity because the struggle against the brutal attacks of capitalism are a life and death struggle as capitalism creates the material conditions where ones life is worth nothing and to die on the streets from a variety of causes goes unnoticed unless resistance makes it noticed. To us the struggles we are facing is not something theoretical that can be discussed in anarchist reading circles where members of the Petty Bourgeois can treat politics and resistance like they do ice cream and debate the differences in political theory’s like the do different flavors, rather our politics comes from our experiences and analysis and its purpose is to win because at the tent of the day failure is not an option and unlike those who can escape to the campuses because they are turned off by this or that aspect of the struggle, because the disposed have nowhere to escape to and our only way to combat the problems we face is not escapism in a middle class bubble but taking the problems head on and finding solutions. Thus no matter what happens even if tent city is eventually shut down the material conditions that gave birth to tent city are still their and will reignite at any time and those advanced political elements will re ignite it again and again until the whole system burns down.

So at the moment we are still around unbroken and defiant plotting our next move and preparing to draw sharp lines of demarcation between ourselves and those elements that chose conciliation as well as their bosses the bourgeois whose boots they chose to lick.

Tent City under attack

27 Sep

Early yesterday morning we at tent city were kicked out of our site in the east end on Madison as a result of the gentrifiers, after we set up our new site we were told by police that we had until 7pm today to move this morning the police came and said this was not the case, once again we are being forced to move and relocate, as we are being chased from place to place like subhumans whose basic rights to existence are denied. This is unjust and must be opposed, please call and email the chair of the regional council who is in charge of the police and tell him to call off the dogs. his email is and his phone number is 519 575 4585, as well we need economic donations transportation food etc, please call 226 606 2076 if you can support in any way

Tent City rebuilt!!!!!!Socialism with Kitchener Characteristics!!!!

26 Sep

Today tent city packed up and moved and despite the problems early that were solved with the help of OCAP we have started to intensify the work that we are doing. Now that the issue is in the public light we have moved to a more private area and have begun to set up infastructure inspired by what I saw in Brazil and the vision that we have as a community shared this tent city. This vision the vision of the SPOT, The vision of most of our work is that we can create a place where we are not thrown aside like rubbish and take control of our own destiny, feed ourselves , house ourselves, educate ourselves and build cadre.

The police have already come to the sight and quite honestly from the discussion we had it is quite clear that we should not have any problems in the next few days giving us time to sum up our experience and consolidate our work. Tent city after all is not a charity where food is given to you and you are made to feel like a peace of shit or resources are used as political blackmail but rather something that we are all a part of and all build collectively, it is the duel power of the downtown youth where we are not just radical by yelling insults and slogans and such but it is literally something that we are building, physically as well politically through our discussions and shared cigarettes over endless pots of coffee. It is the vision of the better society put in practice recognizing the problems we have and not trying to build something based on fantasy. It is politics in its most basic form that we find problems and come up with solutions.n We ask others to share in our vision not by just supporting tent city, which we need , but organizing in their own community’s and collectives so we can eventually all unite and put into practise the words of James Connelley, our demands most modest are WE ONLY WANT THE EARTH

Radical thoughts and reflections on the election events last night

25 Sep

Last night there were two events held in KW around the debate that a variety of candidates were invited to, one was about art and culture and the other was held by the Lutheran Seminary about Social Justice issues given that the events overlapped and both issues were important for a variety of reasons we had discussion as to how to approach this and intervene to serve the class interests. The first event was a sort of debate where everyone can talk and the candidates can get up and speak for five minutes or so and the various tables discuss, the other event started with an acknowledgement of the candidates, a short panel, questions and breakout groups.

Given that tent city was going on and most of the residents while being directly affected by both events, are usually excluded from discussion on these I decided to bring some of the youth from tent city to the debate.

The first debate was quite interesting as even though all the political parties and people were allowed to sit at the discussion table and such only the so called major parties were allowed to speak, despite that and the fact that we could only be their for a short period of time the kids from the tent city myself and others engaged in the discussion who has access to art and culture, what does that art and culture reflect and why is art and culture at this point in time inaccessible to those who people who do not control the resources.

After we left we went to the Lutheran Seminary and after an introduction, I was surprised to see the organizer who invited me was none other then my old nemesis John Milloy whom I did not recognise despite shaking hands until he announced his name due to the fact that I left my glasses in montreal. After he acknowledged all the candidates including myself there was a small panel on five issues who gave brief presentation on a variety of topics from Indigenous issues to poverty, given the nature of the presentation as something abstract and superficial I got up and asked why the key causes were not addressed. This was followed by an intervention from a kid from tent city who gave a correct analysis and eloquent speech raising the issue why is the issue of poverty only addressed when people take to the streets and do actions like tent citys. This was followed by breakaway groups were the discussions were further carried.

In both of these discussions it became clear that politics is not something that the major partys have a monopoly on and our role is to only go out and vote every four years but rather politics is about addressing and engaging the polity, and that our contribution to these debates is to bring our experience of engaging in politics and politicizing these debates by taking it from just a issue based thing where we are given a list of promises and our role is to agree and disagree and vote for those that make the nicest list but rather bring it to a higher level by engaging the people in praxis analysis and praxis, in other words bringin the questions up that go to the root of the problem identifying the root cause taking it up for solution with the whole of the sector we are a part of and then implementing the solution. It is quite clear that the political process at this time does not only neglect this but rather is trying to take the polity out of the politics and rule by decree, where we are told what the problems are and what they say the solutions are and our role is to just be voting sheep, so then in terms of arts for example the question they pose is what is your opinion on the cbc as opposed to what is art and culture who has access to it why is it available to some people and not others and whose interests does it reflect, or in terms of indigenous issues the question is do you think residential schools are bad and that we should say nice things at the beginning of meetings acknowledging the lands and all sorts of issues while the key issue of what is our relation to these nations what agreements have we signed on a nation to nation basis and are we as a nation following international protocol on how we relate to other nations or are violating this, and if we are in violation of this how can this be sorted out and what is our obligations and dutys.

All these issues can only be solved when the people themselves become the decision makers and the current political process is blocking this. This is the cause of our current crisis, that the people are not engaging with the political system because the political system is void of politics and plays no role in engaging the polity to sort out their problems, which is the reason why those at tent city who were present at the debates were able top bring politics to the debates because those marginalized whether it be the workers at stelco whose pensions are sold down the river or Indigenous people or street youth engage in politics because they have no choice but to do that to not be organized and engaged is the difference between life and death, rights such as the right to housing or self determination which are inalienable only exist when you assert them and this cant be done by a individual but rather by a community organized and engaging the polity, only that way can the people defeat this block. This can only be done through praxis discussion praxis, not listening to someone reading a list.

Why would Tent City have a flag ceremony for Alan Ryan?

23 Sep

Yesterday the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization, one of the groups involved in providing food and logistics for Tent City had a flag ceremony and discussion where a 32CSM flag was hung off a bridge along Park Street on the border of tent city.

Alan Ryan was the head of the Dublin Brigade of the Real IRA who was executed by proxy by the British State in 2013. Despite the media coverage of tent city which has been positive any mention of Alan and his legacy was stripped from the coverage as well in the CTV reporting last night the politics of Tent City was also stripped as well as the role that The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization played in tent city so it falls to me to explain to the general public what the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization is and why we honor Alan Ryan.

The ARPCO was created two Septembers ago at a commemoration for Alan Ryan held in a low income housing unit for the elderly. The idea behind the organization is to create discussion between youth and elderly people who are both marginalized by the system and left to fend for themselves. Since the creation of this group we have had discussion nights between youth and elderly people free food programs and community feasts, have had information nights on things such as elections and the political process so that both these groups that have been marginalized can have some of the tools to understand what is going on and resist the marginalization, payed homage to Alan Ryan and have hosted people from ALBA nations and have run programs to fight the drug probvlem etc. In other words the ARPCO is a peoples organization that serves the needs of the community, needs that the state is ignoring.

The reason why we chose to name ourselves after Alan Ryan is because of what Alan Ryan stood for. As a member of the Dublin Brigade of RIRA aside from fighting the brits, Alan Ryan was dedicated to serving and defending his community taking on problems that threaten the safety and lively hood of the community and one of the issues dear to his heart was to defend his community and those that are most vulnerable from anti social parasites who preyed on the most vulnerable. Despite the attacks of the media, Alan was not someone who blamed the drug problems on the victims but rather took it upon himself to protect those who were exploited by the capitalist Kulak parasitic class of the criminal underworld at great risk to himself. Many story’s exist of his kindness to the victims and his anger at those who dehumanize them. Alan Ryan was executed in broad day light by this parasitic capitalist class in collusion with the police who were no where to be seen despite the fact that he was under constant 24 hour surveillance by the special branch.

His example is one that all who are street organizers should look up to and emulate and all the smears of his name by the media are an example of the power of his example that even in death his name puts fear in the bourgeois colonialists and occupiers. We who are organizing in the east end will always remember his example and try to live up to the name that we have given our organization.

CBC exclusion of Marxist Leninist Candidate, Tent City and resisting gentrification from Toronto to Downtown Kitchener

22 Sep

Today the CBC at their all candidate debate decided to exclude me the Marxist Leninist Candidate from the debate. Despite the debate being framed as an event to let people know about the election, it was quite clear that the CBC a company that is supposedly run by us the public decided instead to serve corporate interests and sell the narrative that the only people who are political and have a right to participate in the political process are those of the partys of the bourgeois who every four years go to debates and pull out there big book of answers and read from this book passages like a priest a church reads the bible, warning all of the hellfire of anarchy terrorism and such if one dares challenge this narrative.

So after waiting outside and asking the other candidates to take principled stands on the rights of the people to be made aware of all the political alternatives so they can make an informed choice, i decided that for the most part I was wasting my time and instead decided to focus on the political work that matters organizing my community to resist the attacks of austerity and the war on the poor that is a direct result of the decisions made at a higher level then those who read from the holy gospels of NDP, Liberal Conservative and Green.

We needed funds to send people to Toronto to participate in an act of resistance against the closing of shelters, we had to argue in court to defend our comrades under attack set up political classes for tent city and find a way to shelter and feed those that the state throws aside letting them fend for themselves with disastrous results all the while solving conflicts in our community, providing peer support to those thrown out of the shelter system due to the fact that their trauma created by the state was too much for these agencies to deal with and try to explain to those who have had a silver spoon in their mouths their whole lives that a system based on violence incarceration and police brutality is not a charming school or school of good manners but rather a machine that crushes your mind destroys your soul and spits out seriously damaged people and how these damaged people are actually the only hope for society as they are the only ones who actually have the will and power to throw off these chains and dare to dream of something better.

From the factory floor to the prison to the OW lines, these people, us, the proletariate are the only hope in hell of actually overthrowing this monstrosity. In other words engage in real politics, taking up the problems of the polity.

Despite the fact that all odds were staked against us and at the time we only had five dollars in our pockets collectively we realized that this shit must be done and set ourselves the task of doing it. By appealing to members of the community, friends and comrades the funds that were needed were gotten and some fb msgs to toronto allowed us to sort out a way back for those who went and by diving up the tasks and people taking up different responsibilities problems were sorted out and slowly but surely the tasks were done.

As this stuff was going on media came and did interviews at the tent city and it was quite clear to the reporters and others that sharp lines of demarcation were drawn on the basis that us as people have basic rights by virtues of being human, the state which is suppose to be the guarantor of these rights has clearly failed and us such for us to express these rights we must take up these tasks ourselves and if it is this so called protector of our rights that is the cause of the current situation then the solution politically comes from intensifying our struggle until a new synthesis is created and the old ways which clearly have failed are replaced.

Despite all this internet warriors who are good at spending all their time on facebook playing the so called devils advocates and such were running their mouth, social democrats and middle strata elements were calling for a less confrontational form of politics (as if saying that we have a right not to die in the street like dogs, as so many of our friends have is confrontational) and others deploring the violence of the downtown from their comfortable hovel of self awareness through hippieness and appropriated cultures forgetting that those who are poor have no choice but to deal with this violence as a reality and try to solve the problems cause we have no place to runaway to, ignoring the material conditions attack not only with out providing solutions but not even understanding what the problems that need solution are because they are so cut off from it.

Still we continued our work and by the end of the night when we were eating a spaghetti dinner we sat and discussed all that went on with a comrade who was at the OCAP demo telling us about the huge group of poor people fighting back against the closure of the shelters and the solidarity between our struggles, as well as the power that people have, the same power that keeps or tent city running the power to resist and create alternatives by organizing the people and despite whatever hiccups we had today with little to no money we stood up to the CBC, participate and had a speaker at a OCAP demo that through direct action and economic disruption resisted the war on the poor, fought for our friends in court and made sure our little society as fucked up as it is somewhat functioned and the needs of the people were met as good as we could do with our limited resources. Puffing on my smoke I asked myself is this not what politics is suppose to be solving the problems of the polity, is this not what a political process suppose to do serve the needs of the people as best as it can based on the reality and material conditions, doe not being political mean take up the problems in front of us and attempting to come up with solutions. Remembering the last debate i was like fuck the gospel of NDP Liberal Conservative and Green we need something new, a new type of politician, not one who reads from some book of answers which is full of shit, but rather people who are immersed in the problems of their collective attempting to find solutions.

Tent City consolidated

20 Sep

Today tent city moved into its second day and despite the cold weather and rain today was a day of hard work, consolidation and political discussion.

The day started with police and bylaw waking up people at the crack of dawn and demanding that people move out of the back of the park. Using an event as an excuse the actions of the state were clearly an attempt to provoke some sort of angry response and use that as a way to create a political justification to criminalize us and shut us down. Despite this we did not buy into this trap instead moving our operation to the island with the Gazebo in Victoria park.

Despite the lack of resources we then proceeded set up in the Island and with what little we had attempt to meet the needs of the community.

Given the lack of resources those that attended the tent city attempted to pool what little they had and through outreach to the community started to meet the needs of the community.

The day ended with a guest speaker from OCAP who discussed the political and economic work that OCAP does and during this presentation it became quite clear that the issues that were discussed were issues that the whole community at tent city dealt with everyday and during this discussion the political outlook of tent city began to crystallize. We are in the park reclaiming space as a result of the attacks that the state has launched on poor people, these attacks like most violence against poor people is to be carried out in silence and as such it is to be done in such a way that the presence of poor people is to be non existance because even the sight of poor people reminds the rich that the economic and political policy’s are not simply ideas or things on paper but rather real things that affect real people and the conditions that poor people face are a direct result of this. As such the policy of gentrification is not simply a process of displacement of one socio economic group by another but rather an attack on the very existance of poor people since there existence in and of itself gives offense to the bourgeois as it is a reminder to them of the outcome of their political policys. As such one of the first goals and aims of tent city is to resist gentrification through the very act of existing and by us being their we are refusing to allow the process of invisibilzation to continue because we are in the middle of their fairy tale park. Secondly the idea of tent city is to meet the needs of the people and take social responsibility through providing for the needs of the people in a very direct manner and as such creating the idea that we are responsible;e for each other and if the state will not meet the needs of the people and uphold their economic rights that they have by virtue of being then we ourselves will organize ourselves and do it. Finally it shows the power and strength that lies in unity as well as draws sharp lines of demarcation between the people and the state.

Tomorrow the process of political education will continue by having a workshop on imperialism and national liberation. This will be held at 7pm the same time as dinner and all are invited.

Just a final reminder tent city is still in need of many supplies particularly food tents and warm clothes blankets etc. to contribute please call 226 606 2076 or drop off donations at the tent city.