Why I am running in the Federal Election

1 Sep

Yesterday I handed in my nomination form to elections canada to register as the candidate for the Marxist Leninist Party in the riding of Kitchener Centre. 48 hours after this act I will be confirmed by elections Canada as a registered candidate in the federal election that will take place in October this year.

Despite being approached by various so called legitimate parties to participate under there banner I instead chose to run as a Marxist Leninist because I am convinced that none of the so called legitimate parties have any solutions to the problems that we are facing. Yes it is quite clear that Harper is a fascist, yes it is quite clear that the far right has run this so called nation for far too long creating schisms sectarianism racial hatred homophobia and other divisions among the people and yes it is quite clear that Harper must go but the question that we must ask ourselves is do we want to simply replace Harper with a nicer slicker leader who will continue the down word spiral of austerity neo liberalism and colonialist plunder or do we want to break with a system built on plunder murder and theft. All three “legitimate” parties claim that they will bring change yet all three accept as unchangeable the principles colonialism neo liberalism and austerity, the three principles that have created this crisis that we now find ourselves in. It is quite clear that to replace a right wing Fascist with a more moderate fascist will not change anything. The reason why the far right is propped up is quite clear to drag the discussion further right and accept the right as an alternative ignoring the reality that another type of society is not only possible but necessary.

As the current political and economic crisis deepens it is quite clear that the only solution to the problem is not more of the same but something new, where the people themselves become the decision makers through setting up citizens committees, where foreign policy is based on mutual respect of all nations and the principles of non intervention and respect for self determination are upheld. A society where the workers and exploited enjoy the fruits of their labour and colonialist relations are abandoned. None of this can be achieved under the present political situation and as such it must change.


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