Thoughts on last nights debate on immigrants and refugees

16 Sep

Last night I participated in the debate on immigrants and refugees held at the Victoria Hills Community Centre. Given that this was the first all candidate meeting taking place in my riding I thought it was important to attend so as to challenge the notions that created this crisis and articulate a political perspective as well as challenge the hegemonic ideology of imperialism and might makes right promoted by both the party in power and the parties in opposition.

With the start of the discussion to me it became quite clear that the political parties have no analysis or ideology and that the purpose of this debate was not to argue ideas or politics but rather to have a feel good moment about which candidate feels more sorry for the refugees or which candidates antidotal evidence and irrelevant stories about their great grand parents and substituting cheap empty words that are not even rhetoric for discussion or analysis.

This is the crisis of our political system, that the political process has done away with the discussion of political trends and ideas and the speech of a liberal politician and a social democrat as well as a conservative can all sound the same because the essence of the problem is not discussed and instead one is presented with personal feelings and thoughts and antidotes.

The conservative candidate of course took this to quite another level literally lying to our faces and telling the public that in terms of bill c 51 and such anyone who actually has a factual analysis is a lier and fear mongerer. So the emperor is not only not ashamed of having no clothing and continues to march on but has the audacity to yell at everyone else and call them naked. This my friends is the current state of so called political discourse today.

Given that this was the level of discussion that we were presented with its no wonder so many people came to thank me afterwords, not because im cool or suave but rather due to the fact that I actually presented a political analysis of the crisis, which to any observer is quite clear, which is the that the refugee is crisis is a direct result of imperialist meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, pushing regime changes through direct military means or through destabilizing of regions, creating and arming terrorist groups which it labels as non violent protestors and using economic means to create inflation etc. In other words the refugee crisis is a direct result of the current foreign policy which is based on war and aggression abroad , intensified repression at home and in the specific case of Syria criminalizing the actual groups on the ground fighting ISIS including the YPG, PKK and Hezbollah through the so called terrorist list. Given this fact it is quite clear that the first political decision that must be taken is to reject this foreign policy as it is the root cause of the current crisis. Everything else, like opening boarders etc. stems from that eg. that since the state created the crisis their is a moral responsibility for the state to fix the crisis etc.

Of course other then myself this issue was not touched on, nor was any sort of hypothesis given by any other party explaining the cause cause of the crisis showing the need to not only reject this lack of politics but to create alternatives where political issues can be discussed analyzed and political solutions can be implement that favor the people. From last nights debate it is quite clear that this will not happened with the present political arraignment which means that another must be created by us.


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