Tent City consolidated

20 Sep

Today tent city moved into its second day and despite the cold weather and rain today was a day of hard work, consolidation and political discussion.

The day started with police and bylaw waking up people at the crack of dawn and demanding that people move out of the back of the park. Using an event as an excuse the actions of the state were clearly an attempt to provoke some sort of angry response and use that as a way to create a political justification to criminalize us and shut us down. Despite this we did not buy into this trap instead moving our operation to the island with the Gazebo in Victoria park.

Despite the lack of resources we then proceeded set up in the Island and with what little we had attempt to meet the needs of the community.

Given the lack of resources those that attended the tent city attempted to pool what little they had and through outreach to the community started to meet the needs of the community.

The day ended with a guest speaker from OCAP who discussed the political and economic work that OCAP does and during this presentation it became quite clear that the issues that were discussed were issues that the whole community at tent city dealt with everyday and during this discussion the political outlook of tent city began to crystallize. We are in the park reclaiming space as a result of the attacks that the state has launched on poor people, these attacks like most violence against poor people is to be carried out in silence and as such it is to be done in such a way that the presence of poor people is to be non existance because even the sight of poor people reminds the rich that the economic and political policy’s are not simply ideas or things on paper but rather real things that affect real people and the conditions that poor people face are a direct result of this. As such the policy of gentrification is not simply a process of displacement of one socio economic group by another but rather an attack on the very existance of poor people since there existence in and of itself gives offense to the bourgeois as it is a reminder to them of the outcome of their political policys. As such one of the first goals and aims of tent city is to resist gentrification through the very act of existing and by us being their we are refusing to allow the process of invisibilzation to continue because we are in the middle of their fairy tale park. Secondly the idea of tent city is to meet the needs of the people and take social responsibility through providing for the needs of the people in a very direct manner and as such creating the idea that we are responsible;e for each other and if the state will not meet the needs of the people and uphold their economic rights that they have by virtue of being then we ourselves will organize ourselves and do it. Finally it shows the power and strength that lies in unity as well as draws sharp lines of demarcation between the people and the state.

Tomorrow the process of political education will continue by having a workshop on imperialism and national liberation. This will be held at 7pm the same time as dinner and all are invited.

Just a final reminder tent city is still in need of many supplies particularly food tents and warm clothes blankets etc. to contribute please call 226 606 2076 or drop off donations at the tent city.


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