CBC exclusion of Marxist Leninist Candidate, Tent City and resisting gentrification from Toronto to Downtown Kitchener

22 Sep

Today the CBC at their all candidate debate decided to exclude me the Marxist Leninist Candidate from the debate. Despite the debate being framed as an event to let people know about the election, it was quite clear that the CBC a company that is supposedly run by us the public decided instead to serve corporate interests and sell the narrative that the only people who are political and have a right to participate in the political process are those of the partys of the bourgeois who every four years go to debates and pull out there big book of answers and read from this book passages like a priest a church reads the bible, warning all of the hellfire of anarchy terrorism and such if one dares challenge this narrative.

So after waiting outside and asking the other candidates to take principled stands on the rights of the people to be made aware of all the political alternatives so they can make an informed choice, i decided that for the most part I was wasting my time and instead decided to focus on the political work that matters organizing my community to resist the attacks of austerity and the war on the poor that is a direct result of the decisions made at a higher level then those who read from the holy gospels of NDP, Liberal Conservative and Green.

We needed funds to send people to Toronto to participate in an act of resistance against the closing of shelters, we had to argue in court to defend our comrades under attack set up political classes for tent city and find a way to shelter and feed those that the state throws aside letting them fend for themselves with disastrous results all the while solving conflicts in our community, providing peer support to those thrown out of the shelter system due to the fact that their trauma created by the state was too much for these agencies to deal with and try to explain to those who have had a silver spoon in their mouths their whole lives that a system based on violence incarceration and police brutality is not a charming school or school of good manners but rather a machine that crushes your mind destroys your soul and spits out seriously damaged people and how these damaged people are actually the only hope for society as they are the only ones who actually have the will and power to throw off these chains and dare to dream of something better.

From the factory floor to the prison to the OW lines, these people, us, the proletariate are the only hope in hell of actually overthrowing this monstrosity. In other words engage in real politics, taking up the problems of the polity.

Despite the fact that all odds were staked against us and at the time we only had five dollars in our pockets collectively we realized that this shit must be done and set ourselves the task of doing it. By appealing to members of the community, friends and comrades the funds that were needed were gotten and some fb msgs to toronto allowed us to sort out a way back for those who went and by diving up the tasks and people taking up different responsibilities problems were sorted out and slowly but surely the tasks were done.

As this stuff was going on media came and did interviews at the tent city and it was quite clear to the reporters and others that sharp lines of demarcation were drawn on the basis that us as people have basic rights by virtues of being human, the state which is suppose to be the guarantor of these rights has clearly failed and us such for us to express these rights we must take up these tasks ourselves and if it is this so called protector of our rights that is the cause of the current situation then the solution politically comes from intensifying our struggle until a new synthesis is created and the old ways which clearly have failed are replaced.

Despite all this internet warriors who are good at spending all their time on facebook playing the so called devils advocates and such were running their mouth, social democrats and middle strata elements were calling for a less confrontational form of politics (as if saying that we have a right not to die in the street like dogs, as so many of our friends have is confrontational) and others deploring the violence of the downtown from their comfortable hovel of self awareness through hippieness and appropriated cultures forgetting that those who are poor have no choice but to deal with this violence as a reality and try to solve the problems cause we have no place to runaway to, ignoring the material conditions attack not only with out providing solutions but not even understanding what the problems that need solution are because they are so cut off from it.

Still we continued our work and by the end of the night when we were eating a spaghetti dinner we sat and discussed all that went on with a comrade who was at the OCAP demo telling us about the huge group of poor people fighting back against the closure of the shelters and the solidarity between our struggles, as well as the power that people have, the same power that keeps or tent city running the power to resist and create alternatives by organizing the people and despite whatever hiccups we had today with little to no money we stood up to the CBC, participate and had a speaker at a OCAP demo that through direct action and economic disruption resisted the war on the poor, fought for our friends in court and made sure our little society as fucked up as it is somewhat functioned and the needs of the people were met as good as we could do with our limited resources. Puffing on my smoke I asked myself is this not what politics is suppose to be solving the problems of the polity, is this not what a political process suppose to do serve the needs of the people as best as it can based on the reality and material conditions, doe not being political mean take up the problems in front of us and attempting to come up with solutions. Remembering the last debate i was like fuck the gospel of NDP Liberal Conservative and Green we need something new, a new type of politician, not one who reads from some book of answers which is full of shit, but rather people who are immersed in the problems of their collective attempting to find solutions.


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