Why would Tent City have a flag ceremony for Alan Ryan?

23 Sep

Yesterday the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization, one of the groups involved in providing food and logistics for Tent City had a flag ceremony and discussion where a 32CSM flag was hung off a bridge along Park Street on the border of tent city.

Alan Ryan was the head of the Dublin Brigade of the Real IRA who was executed by proxy by the British State in 2013. Despite the media coverage of tent city which has been positive any mention of Alan and his legacy was stripped from the coverage as well in the CTV reporting last night the politics of Tent City was also stripped as well as the role that The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization played in tent city so it falls to me to explain to the general public what the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization is and why we honor Alan Ryan.

The ARPCO was created two Septembers ago at a commemoration for Alan Ryan held in a low income housing unit for the elderly. The idea behind the organization is to create discussion between youth and elderly people who are both marginalized by the system and left to fend for themselves. Since the creation of this group we have had discussion nights between youth and elderly people free food programs and community feasts, have had information nights on things such as elections and the political process so that both these groups that have been marginalized can have some of the tools to understand what is going on and resist the marginalization, payed homage to Alan Ryan and have hosted people from ALBA nations and have run programs to fight the drug probvlem etc. In other words the ARPCO is a peoples organization that serves the needs of the community, needs that the state is ignoring.

The reason why we chose to name ourselves after Alan Ryan is because of what Alan Ryan stood for. As a member of the Dublin Brigade of RIRA aside from fighting the brits, Alan Ryan was dedicated to serving and defending his community taking on problems that threaten the safety and lively hood of the community and one of the issues dear to his heart was to defend his community and those that are most vulnerable from anti social parasites who preyed on the most vulnerable. Despite the attacks of the media, Alan was not someone who blamed the drug problems on the victims but rather took it upon himself to protect those who were exploited by the capitalist Kulak parasitic class of the criminal underworld at great risk to himself. Many story’s exist of his kindness to the victims and his anger at those who dehumanize them. Alan Ryan was executed in broad day light by this parasitic capitalist class in collusion with the police who were no where to be seen despite the fact that he was under constant 24 hour surveillance by the special branch.

His example is one that all who are street organizers should look up to and emulate and all the smears of his name by the media are an example of the power of his example that even in death his name puts fear in the bourgeois colonialists and occupiers. We who are organizing in the east end will always remember his example and try to live up to the name that we have given our organization.

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