Tent City rebuilt!!!!!!Socialism with Kitchener Characteristics!!!!

26 Sep

Today tent city packed up and moved and despite the problems early that were solved with the help of OCAP we have started to intensify the work that we are doing. Now that the issue is in the public light we have moved to a more private area and have begun to set up infastructure inspired by what I saw in Brazil and the vision that we have as a community shared this tent city. This vision the vision of the SPOT, The vision of most of our work is that we can create a place where we are not thrown aside like rubbish and take control of our own destiny, feed ourselves , house ourselves, educate ourselves and build cadre.

The police have already come to the sight and quite honestly from the discussion we had it is quite clear that we should not have any problems in the next few days giving us time to sum up our experience and consolidate our work. Tent city after all is not a charity where food is given to you and you are made to feel like a peace of shit or resources are used as political blackmail but rather something that we are all a part of and all build collectively, it is the duel power of the downtown youth where we are not just radical by yelling insults and slogans and such but it is literally something that we are building, physically as well politically through our discussions and shared cigarettes over endless pots of coffee. It is the vision of the better society put in practice recognizing the problems we have and not trying to build something based on fantasy. It is politics in its most basic form that we find problems and come up with solutions.n We ask others to share in our vision not by just supporting tent city, which we need , but organizing in their own community’s and collectives so we can eventually all unite and put into practise the words of James Connelley, our demands most modest are WE ONLY WANT THE EARTH

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