We are the ones who will never be broken!!!!Tent City Alive and Well!!!

28 Sep

Yesterday police and defenders of the propertied class of gentrifiers evicted us twice from two different sites, as well as harassed and belittled us. It is quite clear that the strategy of the state at this point is to attack attack attack not giving us a moment to regroup discuss and move forward. They feel that by doing this we will be be demoralized pack up and go home, unfortunately for them the homeless have no home and even if demoralization did kick in an people felt giving up giving up is not an option because peoples basic existence relies first and formost on a place to stay and it is quite clear that organized we are stronger, so any attempt of the state to attack and criminalize tent city will fail as poverty and homelessness is a result of the economic policy’s of the state, so as long as there is capitalism their will be poverty and given the human drive to survive and have a dignified existence as long as there is poverty there will be resistance.

In Kitchener the material conditions that people face at the moment make resistance not just a political choice but a necessity as death is no stranger to the people marginalized by the economic policy’s of the state and resistance is a necessity because the struggle against the brutal attacks of capitalism are a life and death struggle as capitalism creates the material conditions where ones life is worth nothing and to die on the streets from a variety of causes goes unnoticed unless resistance makes it noticed. To us the struggles we are facing is not something theoretical that can be discussed in anarchist reading circles where members of the Petty Bourgeois can treat politics and resistance like they do ice cream and debate the differences in political theory’s like the do different flavors, rather our politics comes from our experiences and analysis and its purpose is to win because at the tent of the day failure is not an option and unlike those who can escape to the campuses because they are turned off by this or that aspect of the struggle, because the disposed have nowhere to escape to and our only way to combat the problems we face is not escapism in a middle class bubble but taking the problems head on and finding solutions. Thus no matter what happens even if tent city is eventually shut down the material conditions that gave birth to tent city are still their and will reignite at any time and those advanced political elements will re ignite it again and again until the whole system burns down.

So at the moment we are still around unbroken and defiant plotting our next move and preparing to draw sharp lines of demarcation between ourselves and those elements that chose conciliation as well as their bosses the bourgeois whose boots they chose to lick.


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