Maybe the low turnout at the Chamber of Commerce debate is a result of the fact that people are sick of the platitudes of the so called major partys

30 Sep


So today I went to the some candidate debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce only to find out that I as a registered candidate would be excluded from this debate as I was not representing one of the so called major parties. Usually in a case like this I would take a political stand and fight for my right to be included, but looking at the low turn out, and the fact that almost everyone in crowd is white rich and over sixty I decided that it would be a waste of my time. As I was leaving I found out that one of the people who was helping me was threatened with being physically removed for handing out Marxist Leninist literature despite the fact that this is against the Elections act. This was followed by us being followed by police.

The fact that the elections act was broken on city hall property makes city hall responsible and if I want I could probably sue then or charge them or something, but the sad fact is that politically this is a waste of my time as clearly the people are not at this debate. As a Marxist Leninist however its not enough to gloat and such but one must have analysis and the first question one must ask is why are people not at the debate? Is it because people don’t care about politics? The reality is people across the country have taken to the streets to protest austerity, police murder and brutality bullshit anti terror laws and the increased criminalization of dissent, many times at great risk to their freedom and personal safety, so it is quit5e clear that this is not the answer. The second question is was the debate publicized and was it located in a key area? The answer to both of this is yes, it was quite publicized and city hall is in the core of the downtown and easily accessible close to bus routes etc. The question that one must ask is if the people are political and have access to the debate why are they not there? The only conclusion one can come to is that people feel that attending the debates will not in anyway further there political interests. In other words, they have heard all the shit from the so called major parties and feel that they have better things to do then listen to the same bullshit again and again, they have voted for all the major parties and have been left in the dirt. From Bob Rae as NDP premier in Ontario who was the first to implement austerity, to Paul Martins sponsorship scandal to Harpers dictatorship of the rich all the parties have turned against the people and have done whatever served their corporate masters. The system is broken and everyone knows this, which is why all the bourgeois are excluding the small parties and independents so as to make people accept the fact that things are broken will stay broken and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

So it is quite clear that the problem is not with the people but rather with the system, which in is crisis of legitimacy has cracked down on any alternative voice that may dissent with the idea pushed by them that we must accept the fact that our only voice in the political process is to hold our noses and vote for who will screw us the least. With the crisis deepening this is unacceptable and must be fought the only way it can be fought, organizing our community’s and resisting.


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