On the anniversary of the death of Che defend Stoney Point

14 Oct

Comrades and Friends,
We regret that we can’t be here today, but we are visiting a comrade who was in the hospital for defending native sovereignty. In 1995, under orders from then premier mike Harris, a paramilitary assault was launched against the peaceful occupation of Ipperwash provincial park which was a native burial grounds. This assault led to the cold-blooded assassination Dudley George, This issue that he died for was for the stoney point people to run their land which under treaty law belongs to them and for them to have the right to determine their own destiny as is rightful and lawful according to internal law and the treaties that were signed on a nation to nation basis. 20 years later the issue of sovereignty is still not addressed, the latest spit on the grave of Dudley by the canadian state is the giving of land and moneys that Dudley died for to those band councils that collaborated with the assimilation of the stoney point people.as did the money. When those stoney pointers were peacefully defending the land from the victory march set up by the state they ended up the victims of further violence and aggression by the canadian state and their collaborators. On this historic date let us remember what che died for to destroy imperialism colonialism and capitalism and the best way we can pay tribute to his legacy to support those today who engage and continue in the struggle that he lived and died for. Let us stand with those fighting colonialism and imperialism. Our Day Will Come, Victory to those smashing the colonialist state, we will overcome!!!!!…


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