Reportback on yesterdays meeting on ALBA Venezuela MST and political power

14 Oct

Yesterday people in Kitchener got together to participate in a discussion on international affairs as well as the current political problems that we are facing this election. The event began with a message from the 32CSM which talked about political solidarity to the alternative anti colonialist movements in the south unified under the ALBA banner, as well as outlining their position in terms of the occupation of the Six Counties and the way to move forward. This was followed by a presentation by Green Party Candidate David Weber who spoke about the problems facing the people in this election as there needs are tossed aside and told to vote for the lesser of the evils, Weber also talked about the growing gap between the haves and have nots as well as addressed the issue of democratic renewel.

This was followed by a message of solidarity from our Venezuelan comrades, as well as a reportback on the ALBA congress that took place in Brazil, as well what the MST is what they are about and why we must defend them. This was followed by a reportback on Tent City.The event ended with agreement that for all these issues to be addressed the people must become the desision makers, and that the best way to support the ALBA movement is to create the state where the people are the desision makers and reject the fearmongering against the ALBA nations as well as address the issues that we are facing. This cant be done in the present framework as the people are cut off from political power and as such alternative frameworkers need to be created. All in all the meeting was quite successful


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