32CSM statement at Venezuelan meeting in Kitchener

15 Oct

Comrades, friends, distinguished diplomats of Venezuela, as well as political candidates, the 32CSM sends revolutionary greetings to you, as well as those attending the report back on the alba congress that took place in Brazil in august. We hope your meeting is fruitful, and wish success to those countries in the south fighting for self-determination, sovereignty, and the right to govern on a basis that puts the colonised peoples of the south in the role of decision makers. We of the 32CSM are fighting for the right to express the sovereignty of our people, which is inalienable despite an 800 year occupation that has divided our country in half, cost thousands of lives, and has led to the imprisonment of our nation’s sons and daughters. Like you we are fighting to throw off the shackles of colonialism and create a republic governed for, and by, the Irish. The good Friday agreement pushed forward as a so-called solution to the conflict has failed miserably because the key points and causes of the conflict have been ignored, which is the continued occupation of the six counties by the British. This is the cause of the conflict, and as long as the Irish people live under British rule the conflict will continue, because the cause of the conflict is the occupation. This occupation is the block to the Irish people expressing their sovereignty as a unit. At this point in time we have taken this matter up with the UN, yet due to the Clinton’s involvement in the GFA, the reaction has been to silence our just demands by using draconian legislation against us. This use of the FTO to hide the just demands of the Irish people to determine their own destiny will only prolong the conflict, causing more pain and suffering for a nation that has endured too much. We of the 32CSM ask of you to read our UN submission, familiarize yourself with it, and help us break this wall of silence. We thank you for listening and hope your meeting goes well.

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