Mr Trudeau Give Justice to Abdul Khan

5 Nov

With the new cabinet sworn in and Mr. Trudeau promising to correct the anti people agenda imposed on the people by Harper many people are optimistic that on the international front the Canadian state will shift from being an aggressor state that cares nothing for international mores norms and diplomacy to a nation that upholds international law and respects the sovereignty of all states.

In the Waterloo Region the case of Abdul Khan is a blatant example of everything that is wrong with the Harper government, corruption, racism and no respect for international law or diplomacy. For the last several years Khan was stripped of his license to practice, humiliated, robbed of his livelihood and degraded simply because the the Law Society investigator assigned to his case decided that Pakistan is a terrorist state and because Abdul is a Canadian whose family is of Pakistani descent somehow he must also be a terrorist or guilty of criminality due to his background. If this is not bad enough this investigator Anita McCann lost a diplomatic pouch receipt from the government of Pakistan which is a serious violation of diplomatic norms bordering on a serious international incident. To make matters worst instead of correcting mistakes and taking responsibility the Law Society moved people around and hid people so as to obscure Abdul’s quest for justice.

With Trudeau now in office people are starting to hope for a better more accountable form of government a government that takes responsibility and deals with political issues following international mores norms and protocols. A starting point could be opening an investigation into the case of Abdul Khan and taking actions to right this wrong that has occurred to Mr. Khan, as well as the Pakistani embassy which still did not get a response about the whereabout of the diplomatic pouch receipt. With Anita McCann and others back at their desk and a new government in power there is no reason why this matter cant get resolved.


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