Anti Colonial Working Group Message to the 32CSM Ar Fhies

17 Nov

Anti Colonial Working Group sends revolutionary greetings to the 32CSM its leaders and members on the historic date of the 18th Ar Fhies. With the centenary of the 1916 uprising around the corner the forces of reaction and revisionism are conspiring to re write this important event, either through misrepresentation of its meaning and significance, or through blatantly criminalizing those brave people who rose up in arms to establish a republic, some going as far as to call it blood wasted in vain. The reason for this is quite clear, for these forces to push their agenda, which is home rule, they must settle scores with history , given that they cannot they have no choice but to re write history to suit their own aims goals and objectives. The 32CSM as a political force has been in the forefront of rejecting this blatant re writing of history because the aims goals and objectives of the 32CSM is to carry out that which was started almost a hundred years ago and settle scores through establishing a 32 county Irish Republic.
As an 32CSM affiliate Anti Colonial Working Group is proud to stand side by side supporting you to carry out this historic task of breaking the chain with Britain. Over the last year we have had political events to raise awareness about the true nature of the occupation, carryed your message to a variety of international forums including to Brazil, and have staged acts of economic disruption targeting those who are criminalizing your struggle. From protests to phone jams to occupations of the British consulate we have demonstrated our steadfast support to your cause and let the British know that they can’t carry on the way they are without consequences.
As a result of this work the british consulate in Toronto have militarized getting bullet proof glass, as well as refusing to see anyone without an appointment as well as having more police and security on site and have put the blame on us. We see this as a good thing because the more agents they send here and the more resources they waste here is fewer resources that they have to criminalize you. As well we think that it is important that people see them for what they are and this policy that they are following serves our interests, let everyone see who they are really are a bunch of criminal armed to the teeth, the more they militarize there consulate and embassies the more people will realise that they are a military criminal and that the only way they can deal with political issues is through force. Over the next year we aim to profesionalize our work so we can intensify our political support and solidarity as well as intensify our campaigns of economic disruption so as they can know no peace here, so that there economic expositions will be protected by cops with guns and that they can’t have any event without a heavy-armed presence. We also want to intensify our political work and assist in anyway possible in spreading your message around the world. We wish you success in your deliberations and look forward to working with you to achieve your goals over the next year
Long Live the 32CSM
Forward to the Republic
Victory belongs to the people.


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