Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front Message to the 32CSM Ar Fhies

17 Nov

The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front Send Revolutionary Greetings to the 32CSm its members and supporters
Our organization send revolutionary greetings to your congress and hope hope that the discussions and planning are fruitful to your goals of achieving a unified 32 County socialist republic free from British interference. The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front is a revolutionary organization of Venezuelans Latin Americans and supporters unified to defend the Bolivarian Process in the face of aggression and subversion from US, British and Canadian imperialism. Last February the work of the Counter Revolutionary Forces Lead by the US and Britain attempted to launch a coup to install a pro US group in power in Venezuela this coup has failed due to the vigilance of the revolutionary forces and the mass support of the people. Despite this the aggression of the anglo american imperialist alliance is still attempting to subvert our process through inflation, economic sabotoge and subversion. In the face of this we will stand unified behind Maduro the legitimate representative of the people. We stand with you in your struggle to determine your own destiny and your anti colonialist strugglle.
Long Live The Bolivarian Process
Long Live Maduro
Long Live the 32CSM
Live Live the peoples anti colonialist strugglle

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