Indigenous People’s Liberation Party Solidarity Statement to 32CSM Ar Fhies

17 Nov

Comrades of The 32 County Sovereignty Movement,

The Indigenous People’s Liberation Party Central Committee, National Committee, and all chapters and affiliates send our sincerest congratulations to you, our Republican Comrades, on your 18th Congress.

For 500 years, the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere have waged a struggle against the elements of imperialism and colonialism personified by the invading forces of Britain and Spain. All that time we were not fighting and struggling alone. We fought each battle, knowing that there were similar battles being fought all around the world, from Ireland to India.

The people of Mexico have been in solidarity with the Irish Republicans since the Mexican-American war. A war in which courageous Irish men deserted the imperialist army of the United States in order to maintain their position on the right side of history. These comrades fought side by side with our Indigenous ancestors for Mexico to be free.

The Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party is the legitimate continuation of our historical struggle against imperialism. We say that we must be willing to confront and defeat imperialism and colonialism wherever they may be. From Turtle Island, to Palestine, to Belfast, ALL illegal occupations must come to an end! And just as the courageous fighters of St Patricks Batallion were willing to lay down their lives so that Mexico may be free, we are ready and willing to lay down our lives so that Ireland may finally be free from the chains of colonialism and occupation!

Forward to an International Anti-Colonial Revolution!

Don’t just Up the 32csm, Join the 32csm!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


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