The International League of Peoples’ Struggle Message to the 32CSM Ar Fhies

17 Nov

November 2015
The International League of Peoples’ Struggle sends militant greetings to the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, the outgoing Ard Chomhairle, the newly elected Ard Chomhairle and the Ar Fhies.
The ILPS is an anti-imperialist and democratic formation that promotes, supports and develops the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles of the peoples of the world against imperialism and all reaction. Our alliance has over 350 member organizations on five continents including organizations of peasants, workers and fisherfolk; women, students and migrant workers; and other sectors and constituencies struggling against imperialism and its morbid symptoms – exploitation, national oppression, Patriarchy, racism, war and plunder.
Among the 17 concerns that the ILPS is organized around are the cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation; of socio-economic development and social liberation; and of a just and lasting peace.
ILPS stands with you in condemning the continued British occupation of of the six counties and in your struggle for a free and united Republic of Ireland in the spirit of 1916 and in the best tradition of Irish republicanism. We join you in calling for freedom for your political prisoners and in solidarity with political prisoners in Palestine, the Philippines, Turkey, India and everywhere that people are imprisoned for taking part in the struggle for liberation.
We look forward to solidarity and collaboration with 32CSM as we advance the anti-imperialist struggle toward a just and liberated world.
Long Live International Solidarity!


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