Demonstration against CAS a victory despite infiltration

18 Nov

On Friday Nov. 13th members of Child Alienation Support Information Ontario held a rally at Queen’s Park followed by a white line picket against CAS and FCAS use of dirty tricks to destroy families and the use of the children’s Kangaroo Court system as a tool of profit making judges so called social workers and other pigs at the trough who are getting rich off of using children as a commodity.

Speakers spoke about child alienation, the personal harm they have experienced at the hands of the court and the impact of the general system on themselves and families.

Despite the sober nature of this event where people spoke from the heart about the trauma that they have experienced, CAS sent their agents to infiltrate the demonstration, spy on grieving families and make up a seriously twisted story about her own experience so people would feel bad for her and open up and include her.

The fact that these agencies will stoop to such a low level to infiltrate a group of traumatized affected family members shows their desperation and fear of the truth. For those interested in getting involved with CASINO please email


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