Public Meeting for Refugees in Kitchener and demonstration In Cambridge build framework to resist racist attacks and demonizations

5 Dec

Today people in Kitchener gathered for a demonstration at Kitchener City Hall to say Refugees are welcome, but due to the presence of fascist boneheads and all the people who were there for the market, it was decided that instead of having a demo that would simply turn into a confrontation and scare people or play into the stereotypes of violence etc. it was decided that instead a public meeting will be held.

This meeting was attended by over twenty people and a variety of issues were discussed about how we can create a more friendly atmosphere and have an actual three categories of political work were set up. The first is to assist the various humanitarian projects, the second is to set up a phoneline/ email address where people can call in fascist attacks etc. and a phone tree be set up for a rapid response and the third was to hold public meetings to raise awareness of the true conditions that the refugees here face, the political crisis and its cause as well as the political implication of all of this.

This meeting is a continuation of the project started last week in Cambridge with a demonstration and march denouncing racist attacks as well as the myth of homegrown radicalization and the increased attacks on people right to conscience.

In the new years there will be a variety of public meeting and actions in the tri cities as we put forward an alternative to these attacks.

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