Police officer sexually assaults protestor at Pro Venezuela protest

8 Dec

This was written by a friend of mine Torri Denby who accompanied me to a protest yesterday to support the Bolivarian process yesterday in Toronto.Accompanying this is a picture of said cop reaching for her ass. This is sick.12357225_1497501967221867_2650635676834174793_o


Today I arrived from out of town with a friend for a demonstration to defend venezulas bolivarian revolution. My friend Uli said to the man in photo with me hey hold this side I want to take a picture. Standing there for a photo I had an officer approach me from behind. He pressed his body against mine and wrapped his arm around me clenched on my waist. I then said dont touch me. I didmt realize who it was at first, but then I realized it was a cop and panicked. I went blank. He is in a place of power and he inappropriately touched me. I feel violated. When I said a second time dont touch me, he said he was photobombing my photo and walked away. You dont need to grope or touch someone in anyway at all in order to photobomb. I have been having panic attacks and can still feel his arm on my waist and his body pressed against mine. This isnt okay. If it was a random man I would have started screaming and pushed him off me immediately. But he was a cop and if I did hed arrest me.

2 Responses to “Police officer sexually assaults protestor at Pro Venezuela protest”

  1. Doug December 11, 2015 at 3:08 pm #

    Panic attacks..LOL What a joke. With a mug like hers she should be thankful anyone is trying to touch her,LOL

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