32CSM Statement at Toronto Meeting on National Sovereignty , POWS and Land Defenders

15 Dec

On behalf of the 32 csm I would like to send revolutionary greetings to everyone attending today’s event. Particularly those comrades from Latin America in the struggle of national liberation against U.S. control the continent
And indigenous comrades fighting to defend their land and sovereignty.

The 32 csm is a grass-roots pressure movements organized all across Ireland on a political basis that Irish people have the unalienable right to determine their own destiny free from political or economic
Control by the British.

This issue of political sovereignty
Is inalienable which means that it is not something that needs to be voted on our negotiable but rather something that exists as a basic right of all nations.

This includes full control of the resources the land, water and the all the inherit rights that come with being indigenous to the land of island
As long as the British occupy the six counties in the north of Ireland, Irish sovereignty is violated and as such the Irish people have a right and obligation to resist this attack on basic rights.

With the coming off the centenary of the 1916 uprising around the corner many reactionary forces are attempting to rewrite history in the hopes of negating this key issue of sovereignty
We of the 32csm reflect the revisionism and call on all or people to support our just struggle for liberation from British rule at this time we call on people to read or submission and support and promote this document
We thank you for letting us participate in this event and wish you successes in your struggle our day will come


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