random thoughts on todays run in with fucken british intelligence

5 Jan

Today i met a friend for coffee in a coffee house in a shitty part of Kitchener five minutes from my house, after I ordered my coffee I sat down with my friend and saw someone that I recognised from the British consulate protests that we know is intelligence. We moved seats after going out for a smoke only to be followed by this person to the other side of the coffee and we played musical chairs for a bit while in my head I was kinda losing it. Me and my friend were secretly chatting and I told my friend how angry I was at the fact that they seem to just want to fuck my life up and how angry I was that I cant just go for a fucken coffee without some fucken pig following me and I was so angry I just felt like spilling my coffee on this person, or going over and throwing the table over or something, and though I knew that this person was trying to provoke some sort of reaction and would not do something like that my heart still felt like doing that, kinda like seriously have you nothing better to do then stalk me, collude with homeland security when I travel and throw me in jail on bogus shit like not having enough money to enter Ireland despite the fact that Gardia immigrantion or whatever the fuck they are called was told that money would be given to me and that I was going to stay with a city counciller. The more I stood their the angrier I got as I was thinking about all the shit that has been going on and fuckery and targetting of my friends while I was stuck in my basement due to pain and really felt like creating a scene of some sorts being like fuck you have u nothing better to do with your time. Realising that this is what they want we both got up and left calculating that there was a few minutes window to get inside somewhere and off the streets, a window we took. As we got to my friends house I was banging on my friends door like someone who is possessed by demons demanding entry. We entered the place and told my friend what the craic and after chatting for a bit I asked if we could go out back for a smoke so as not to heat my friend out and my friend was like very adamit about smoking out front and not being intimidated. Like a true east coaster the friends whose house I was at was very much angered and his accent came out as he discribed in a very east coast no nonsense way what his thoughts were on the situation.

After letting off steam and describing what a psychiatrist would call passive thoughts eg things like feeling spilling coffee on the fuck but knowing you would never do such a thing, we started talking about stuff and putting this incident which in the last few weeks would be considered mild into context, big picture shit. Given the facts it was quite clear that this like other stuff that has been going on is not about survellance but rather about creating an atmosphere where you feel powerless, a sense of the omnipotence of the anglo american imperialist alliance, where you are helpless to do anything and resistance is futile. The perception that things are the way they are and if you dont bend you will be broken and all is pointless and futile. This is done through a variety of tactics including shock and awe, mass media, the police state intimidation etc etc etc. The reason for this is quite simple, capitalism, imperialism colonialism and such is seen by many people as fucked, and those who dont know the proper vocab still think thats things are fucked, they may not be able to explain how things are wrong but they know things are wrong, when cops kill kids on the streets, and they cant afford rent as wages are so low or have to choose between rent or food or other stuff, when bombs are dropped on countrys in the name of fighting terror while the biggest terrorist organizations are state run organizations, when the war on drugs is such a joke as cops r getting kick backs and the biggest drug importing agency is the CIA. Everyone knows things are fucked and as such order is maintained through fear, that if you stand up if you go against the grain you will be crushed. This is fucked and shows the desperation of a desperate state in its death throws. The emperour is naked everyone knows it yet he marches on anyways because he has the army etc. The system is collapsing all it needs is a push, so therefore control can only be through force. Our duty now is to show that the state is not ominpotent this can only be done through refusing to be intimidated and not giving into fear or turning that fear into rightous revolutionary anger and organization and resistance.


2 Responses to “random thoughts on todays run in with fucken british intelligence”

  1. Kathy January 6, 2016 at 9:57 pm #

    LOL ,, even though it’s not funny, are you learning that homeland security, british intelligence, cia, csis and many others are part of same oligarchy yet? there’s hints that they are run from inner city of london in britain by knights templar (as are all courts), in combination with uber rich bankers, house of lords, privy council and certain related families.
    So, does british intelligence have jurisdiction in canada? did u get pics or cams of them? do u have the right to charge them or sue them?

  2. angeL January 7, 2016 at 4:52 am #

    been trying to call ya … your # change? email me …. from free secure encrypted email if you having probs. maybe from https://protonmail.com/

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