32CSM statement Irish Citizens Defend Irish Heritage

8 Jan

Irish Citizens Defend Irish Heritage

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement applauds and wholeheartedly supports the magnificent act of sovereignty carried out by citizens of Dublin in defence of our national heritage. In a spontaneous act these citizens have occupied the historical site on Moore Street which was the final headquarters of the insurgents in 1916.

Their patriotism has both halted the demolition of this most important piece of Irish history and has highlighted, in this the centenary year of 1916, the utter disregard the Dublin Government has for the ideals of the Proclamation.

It was within the precincts of Moore Street that Irishmen and Irishwomen took on the might of the British Empire in defence of Irish sovereignty. And whilst this poses obvious difficulties for partitionist institutions it is a new despicable depth to sink to that the Dublin Government would hand over this site to the new empire of Vulture Funds and Property Speculators. No other country on earth would allow such an unprecedented act of wanton destruction of a monument where the very sovereignty of its people was defined and defended with the lives of their fellow citizens.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls upon all Irish citizens to lend your active support to this heroic effort and defend what is resolutely your national heritage. We demand that this site, the urban battleground which surrounds it, is immediately preserved and designated as a region of outstanding historical significance. We further demand that the region be developed as a national monument and interactive education resource to remind us, that not only have the ideals of the Proclamation not been realised, but when they are why we must maintain them.


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