Phonejam for Christine Connor G4S and British State End The Harrasment

17 Jan

Friday Jan.22nd 9 am until 5pm
G4S number 1-888-717-4447

British Consulate (416) 593-1290

This Friday take a stand in defence of Irish Republican Christine Connor and her family and demand that G4S end the campaign of intimidation that they and the British state are carrying on. Connor a Irish Republican political prisoner on bail has been facing a campaign of harassment at the hands of G4S a private security company in regards to her ankle bracelet. Since Dec. 30th her and her family have had 10 visit due to so-called problems with this bracelet and despite the fact that she has never left her boundaries she was still threatened to have her bail pulled. G4S is doing this on behalf of the British state which aims to weaken her resolve and break her. This clearly will not happen and all those who believe in basic human rights should be appalled st what the British state is doing intimidating a poor family not letting them have any peace simply because Christine believes that Irish people should have the right to determine their own destiny. Join us in taking a stand and saying enough is enough end the persecution now!!!!!!

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