Banner Drop and Info Picket for Christine Connor at Farmers market in Kitchener was a success

30 Jan

Today members of Anti Colonial Working Group was joined by some Mennonite comrades to hold an info picket outside of the Farmers market demanding an end to G4S and the British state harassment and torture of Christine Connor and her family. Connor is a Irish Republican political prisoner who is framed for a crime she did not commit and the reason for this is due to her politics.

Connor was recently granted bail and once this happened G4S a private company that specialises in torturing political prisoners in Ireland Palestine and South Africa have repeatedly invaded her house terrorising her family under bull shit reasons that their technology on the ankle bracelet is supposedly not working properly causing all sorts of hurt to her and her family.

This stopped when her bail was pulled and she went back to jail for no reason of her own and was recently granted bail again on the conditions that she not tape the harassment she receives at the hands of G4S.

The picket affair was very well received and many people came and talked to us about her as well as other Irish Republican Prisoners and the event ended with people holding hands and praying for the family of Christine as well all Irish POWS and their family’s.


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