32CSM Message read at Bloody Sunday Commemoration held by Anti Colonial Working Group

3 Feb


44 years ago British soldiers deliberately set out to control the growing

support for civil rights in the British occupied 6 counties of Ireland.

The message of the Irish people was getting world attention about the

denial of the rights of the people.

History show us as the marchers made their way into the city from the

Creggan British troops including the infamous Paratroopers had taken up

position and opened fire on the crowd.

The result 13 dead and several injured.

This attack on innocent unarmed people marching for their civil rights,

demonstrates the thinking of the British Government at the time, they

believed they could shoot innocent people and get away with it.

Freedom of expression was denied the people at the point of a gun, the

civil rights movement was exposing this and exposing all the violations

of civil rights and liberties of the Irish people.

44 years later justice for the families of those shot and injured has been

Not one British soldier has been charged with the murder of innocent

The British Government in recent years based on the weight of evidence

against them have been forced to give an apology.

However justice continues to be denied and like all the other violations of

our rights the Irish people are forced to endure it.

Anyone who attempts to raise awareness and concerns about these

violations are labelled anti peace.

Politicians in Stormont upholding British rule in Ireland are paying lip

service to the violation of the rights of their people.

The truth is they can do nothing having accepted the British Governments

position as a precondition to getting into Stormont and reinforcing the

partition of our country.

The reality on the ground and becoming more acceptable across Ireland is

that there is No British Justice in Ireland.

In supporting the families and relatives of those murdered in their quest

The 32 CSM demands the British Government to put their army in the

dock and bring closure to the suffering of these families albeit 44years

We demand that by doing so, the British government will end all other

violations of human rights in Ireland and we demand the British

government will relinquish their illegal claim to part of this proud nation.

In this the centenary to the 1916 rising the 32 CSM acknowledge the

work done at an international level and we ask you to not alone continue

this work but to go the extra mile in demanding your government to cut

links with the British Government whilst that government continues to

usurp the sovereignty of the Irish people and continue to deny that proud

people their democratic rights.

Bloody Sunday 44 years is a striking example of the denial of our rights

to freedom and to our rights for justice.


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